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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Chilly in Orlando this morning. In the 40's acttually. Thank goodness no rain yesterday. When we left for Oviedo at 9 am yesterday, my husband and a RV neighbor had to push my car to get out of the mud. We are really worried about getting the coach out today. My husband said I have to get in the car and go to the office. He doesn't like having me around when things get tense with the coach lol.

Yesterday was a long day. It was near 10 pm when we got home. But it was fun. I don't envy my son and daughter-in-law. My son turned 44 and she will be 40 in May and their boys are still young--turning 9 and 6. It takes a lot of energy. We're glad we had ours when we were young.

Big excitement for me yesterday was a trip to AT&T with my son who saw I got the best deal on my new mobile device And he sat in the store with me and installed it an made sure it was up a running. What a treat. I used my husband's phone update and with the rebate will have gotten it for free! WHOOPEEE! I'll be rolling the highways and surfing the net again. I'm also hoping that being newer, this one might give a stronger signal.

After breakfast we'll be off to PSL to see the family there today then back to KW tomorrow. It was a nice little trip but now tax prep is haunting me.

Have a great day. And good luck all you football fans, hope your team wins.


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Well good morning I am out of hiding again, for a short time lol. Well it is wonderful here in Washington about high 40's, overcast but no rain right now :D Well I just experienced my first weekend with out my kids with this whole seperation thing. Well Friday I think I partied to hard and I was hating it yesterday, by last night I missed my kids so much I cried myself to sleep. But they are back and full of it today soo....I am happy as a clam :D

Hope everyone has a great day! :D

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Another from the great state of Washington. Loved yesterday's February blue sky. El Nino warmth too. Went out for dinner last night and one glass of wine - came home and immediately fell asleep on the couch with a kitty curled up to my chest.

Overcast today, but I just took a breakfast plum cobbler out of the oven, so life is pretty good.

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