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Dear Killer!


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Open letter to Faceless Killer named CANCER

Posted by: stives53

written in remembrance of the suffering of a loved one who passed away 14.2.2009


I'm just a simple Homemaker & Mother wondering out loud why at times I can't take a breather, why must I suffer LUNG CANCER when I'm no Drinker or a Smoker !

Polluters, Tobacco growers, manufacturers, retailers, SMOKERS, BEWARE for yesterday I suffer but Tomorrow it could be your mother, sister or daughter, Health Minister, Researchers, Drug Makers, Do you have answer will generations in FUTURE fare better ?

Each doctor visit, my blood pressure goes haywire, heartbeat faster, tired of waiting even 5 minutes longer, occasional sniffles, mostly tears Death is near, tongue feels bitter, seeing faces of others sharing that same look of Worry, Fear & Anger.

When nausea pill buster, Painkiller, WHATEVER does not help, only LAUGHTER yes Laughter still the Best Medicine, my stress reliever, a potent reminder of days I was Happier, Healthier.

Consoling myself saying it doesn't really matter, as we are all going to Die Sooner or Later, BUT WHY WHY WHY must I be the one to suffer to a killer named Cancer ?

As you Invade, Attack what's left of me, balder, weaker & in diapers, with endless expensive chemo drugs which are totally No-brainers! over my DEAD body I finally surrender, to the most hated faceless killer.

In the END, I got RID of You CANCER, on Valentines Day, the day where Love Conquer, Everyone Remembers, Memories Linger, I'm Finally at HOME Resting in Peace Forever.

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