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Cranberries for cancer treatment!

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When we find a natural product and know that it has benefits in different ways, we should latch on to that product and make it a regular and big part of our lives. I’m talking about the mighty cranberry. We may think of it only in terms of a sauce we serve at Thanksgiving. Or maybe we’ve seen cranberry juice on the fruit shelves at our supermarket. But the fresh cranberry, the small cranberry, packs a wonderful and powerful punch for our good health.

One great aspect in the world of cancer is the amount of scientific research being carried out to prevent and cure the disease. Fresh fruit and vegetables have long been known to help our body in various ways and the humble cranberry has itself been studied in detail. One exciting discovery is that the compounds found in cranberries are capable of both slowing the growth of cancerous cells and even of killing them. This is brilliant news. The discoveries are particularly relevant to cancers of the colon and lung as well as with leukemia. But liver and breast cancer cells were also challenged by these cranberry compounds.

And while this article and site is all about preventing and fighting cancer, understand that the cranberry has many additional health benefits as well. Cranberries are packed with antioxidants which fight oxidation in our body. And the goodness in cranberries is also a major plus for the health of our heart. There is an abundance of Vitamin C in cranberries and overall they are voted as almost the very best food we can eat for our health. There is even evidence that cranberries boost our supply of good cholesterol. So if you wish to lower your risk of cancer or fight any cancerous cells already in your body, cranberries seem an ideal food. The fact that your heart and overall health will benefit just adds to the value of the humble cranberry.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Apart from preventing and fighting cancer cells and doing great things for our heart, cranberries have compounds which tests have shown can help prevent urinary tract infections and may prevent herpes spreading in the human body. Finally, cranberries are believed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, reduce infection of the prostate gland and even assist your teeth by restricting bacteria adhering to tooth enamel. Is the cranberry a Superfood or what?

To make matters even better, it’s a delicious tasting fruit, is available all year round, can be served in sweet or savory dishes, be consumed as a mouth-watering drink and is relatively cheap and easy to obtain. There are any numbers of recipes which include cranberries.

It’s so important we all become proactive with our health. You can lower your cancer risk and fight cancerous cells by making sure your diet is well-balanced and healthy and contains plenty of cranberries. Fresh is best but taking this fruit in any way on any day just has to be beneficial

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