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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Back from our trip to the W coast of FL. It's seventy degrees and we're due for a new cool spell. Back in the sixties for the next three days I believe. So over it.

Was going to let my Hall Pass stand for awhile because we're home but have company coming tomorrow for two days. But I miss you all! We had a very nice trip, relaxing and relatively non-stressful. Had some very bad weather while we were gone. Up Venice way, they got 6-8 inches of rain. It started in the night after we'd been to dinner with friends. So loud in the coach it woke us. Pour well into the afternoon of the next day.

Bud, we stopped on the Tamiami Trail on the way home but it was too windy to fish. Did you get to go out yesterday? Fish biting yet? ts, you sound like me years ago when I wasn''t working for awhile--I'd cook and bake all the time too. Not anymore, getting lazy in my old age. Heidi, so glad you're finally feeling better. Take it easy when you get home. You can blow it if you overdo.

Thanks all who contributed to the Air while I was gone. My brain lost at least one name. No breakfast yet lol. Have a great day.


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Good morning Judy and all who join this morning! :D Well it is cold, foggy and overcast here in Washington today. However, the bright side of things is tomorrow is suppose to be 65 and sunny and I DONT have to work lol. Not really sure if that means much to me other than sitting inside and enjoying the rays of sunshine piercing in through the windows.

Well today is my parents 34th wedding anniversary and thankfully they were able to escape this weekend for the coast before my hubby leaves me today and I need a babysitter again :cry: Sucks to be 29 and babysat...cant get away with anything lol

Anyways, happy Sunday everyone hope it is a great day for all!

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