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Afternoon All! Guess everyone is busy celebrating the holiday weekend. All except Randy. Good job guy. I've been busy with my grandson. He finally showed an interest in his farm I made for him on fv and I was so glad to be teaching him how to run it. We've always been tight and I try anything to keep a special connection with him as he grows older--11 now. Hardly seems possible.

WELCOME HOME NED! Sorry I missed your post yesterday. I'm with you on the prescription pain pills. I came home from Hemorrhoid surgery years ago on Tylenol. I had learned over the years that all the painkillers they give after surgery made me upchuck for hours. A little pain not so bad when that's the option. Hope you don't have too much discomfort though.

Pot Luck picnic at the neighbors this afternoon. Am looking forward. They are new residents of our little community and haven't met them yet. Nothing planned for tomorrow. Won't need another big meal after a potluck. They always have the greatest variety of foods and the host is providing Lamb, Ham and Turkey.

Have a great day everyone. I have to go start the oven baked beans I'm taking.


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