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Morning All! Looks to be a beautiful sunny day in Key West, 72 as I write.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. The nice thing about grandkids growing up is you don't have to be the Easter bunny. We fixed baskets on Friday night and are dying eggs this morning. Hey, grandparents need to do stuff when the spirit moves them lol.

My friend from NJ called last night. She's leaving for Miami tomorrow. She plans on being at the beach before noon. I'm not a beach person anymore. Good thing as KW is not known for beaches--too rocky. But I'm sure we'll be sitting out on a beach or pool in Islamorada this week. I'll be careful but it wouldn't hurt me to get a little sun.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good Morning and Happy Easter from sunny, beautiful Orlando. Sunrise service was awesome. The curtains are blowing in the open windows and I have so much to be thankful for. The gang will be here today. Ham is in the oven and I'm getting ready to celebrate Easter. Bill is surely with me today. I can feel him.

Hope and pray ALL will have a wonderful day.

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A Happy and Blessed Easter Sunday to you too Judy and to each and everyone on the board from Guleph Ontario. It is beautiful here, hot in the sun, cool in the shade and I walked around the hospital grounds after eating my lunch out in the sun sitting on a bench. Unfortunately I have to work my yearly month of days in April but it is so nice to look forward to the beautiful weather that will be waiting when I finish at 3pm and the Hubby that will be waiting for me to enjoy a nice Easter supper out with.

This is one of those times that I am reminded that there are still many special times to be thankful for!


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Visit to museum this afternoon to see the Calder show.

Yesterday was busy at home, though it felt like I never woke up. I made:

lemon ginger pecan scones

fresh strawberry jam (they were beautiful but lacking flavor until processed with way too much sugar)

leg of lamb

smashed potatoes

oven roasted asparagus

then we went out for a walk and got locally made ice cream!

Tulips are being blown apart. Not spring in all its glory, yet.

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Thanks - food remains my best hobby. Took my sweetie out tonight for his birthday (tomorrow.) Nice little place, we shared yellowtail crudo (Italian sashimi), whole branzino with chickpeas (luckily he knows how to fillet fish at the table) and these fat swirls of pasta with pork shoulder, serrano pepper, and marjoram (a bit hot for me, but good.) I even has a glass of bubbly!

We will be back to beans and pasta or rice for the rest of the week! And lamb leftovers.

Good night all.

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