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Morning All! 82 degrees but cool in the AC lol. Haven't been outside yet. This is what happens when I push til I can't anymore. I crashed and burned and slept for 11 hours. Will do NOTHING I don't feel like doing today.

Bud, I appreciated hearing it was National Bike to Work Day. It was just another among many reminders of my friend Jim who died of cancer a couple of years ago. He was known as the "bike man" in town. What started as volunteer advocacy for bike safety, lanes and parking stands turned into a full-time job in Parks and Recreations. He was tireless in his advocacy and showed up at every city event with free helmets and flashing light devices for the kids.

Eric, what you are experiencing at works sounds similar to what I experienced as a college administrator/instructor here in Key West. I ran one of Saint Leo College's satellite campuses at the Naval Air Station here. When SLC's Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools review came up, they picked mine as one of the Satellites to host SACS as we called them. It was grueling, awful, horrific if not a bit exciting. We passed and I hoped never to have the experience again lol.

Oh Ned, you don't know how jealous I am. You have tropical weather AND birds like that. I am an avid bird fan but have to make due with the few locals that stay around and the occasional exciting traveler during migration seasons. My best was a visibly exhausted Painted Bunting that stayed around and fed a week before continuing on his journey. First and last I've ever seen.

Have great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Well it's afternoon now, so won't say Good Morning, though it was a good morning! Got WiFi installed at home now so hubs and I can surf at the same time. But he had to take my lap top in for config as there was a software glitch. Windows Vista, gotta hate it!

I am feeling like a new woman today. Still not 100%, but nothing is sitting on my chest making breathing a heck of a lot better. My aches are gone, headache gone, life is good again! Not that it was bad......because there's good to be found even when things are not feeling like it. I read two books this week, I got to be here more than normal, I rested, and now I feel refreshed and ready to get back at it.

It's overcast, but 75 degrees! It's so nice. Today, May 22, 2010 is the first day of shorts for me. Yippee! We need to get our pontoon boat out of storage, as it's supposed to be 88 tomorrow! We need to get her cleaned up and ready to go. Can't wait.

KW Judy, as we ate breakfast this morning, my husband pointed out the window and asked, "is that the female bird that was aided by the red winged blackbird male?" Yep, I answered. He said "that is a female red winged blackbird, so it was likely her mate." Ok, so maybe the story is not quite what I thought, two species helping each other out, but it still is a good story. I'm also a wildlife nut, and we decided this year, for the first time, to keep the feeders full through the summer. Usually, we stop feeding them when we know the snow is done, and they can forage for themselves. But we are so enjoying identifying the different breeds, and more are showing up, so we will feed them. Besides, it's so pleasant when the windows are open, and all you can hear are the birds everywhere.

The one time I was in Key West, I marveled at all the bike riders. And the little mini vehicles (don't know what to call them), where people tooled around, not in big cars but on bikes, on food, and these little vehicles. Maybe they were scooters, it's been a while, and I can't remember. Anyway it was very cool. We went there on a whim. I was in Orlando for a business conference, and the weather was so hot and miserable, and wew decided to bag it in Orlando and head to the keys. It was spectacular.

Think I'll get some laundry done, now that I feel well again. Hubs is working outside on projects. We are definitely going out tonight to some place that has an outdoor deck to have a dinner and a drink and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Judy.....rest. Sounds like you over did big time!

Have a good weekend.

Judy in MI

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