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Hello everyone. I guess it is time to stop by and say hello. I have stayed away for a while for many reasons. I think most of you have those times so there is no need to go into detail now.

I tend to keep pretty busy. It seems there is always something going on and I spend a good deal of time on my different sewing projects and my family tree. I go to facebook too and see what is going on with many of you.

After nearly 8 years I have done some cleaning of papers that belonged to Johnny or things pertaining to his care and illness. It was time, it was hard and it was very emotional. While cleaning I found a card that I had bought for Johnny right after we found eachother and he went into the hospital. The verse was very beautiful and said what I was feeling so well and now I find that those words still ring true , I think you who are grieving will understand and appreciate the words I am about to share with you. God bless and keep you always knowing that your love is still with you in ways that many will never understand.

"You probably realize that you brighten my life when we are together, but do you know how much you brighten my life when we're apart?

Whenever something exciting happens I think of you, and I picture myself running to tell you all about it, and we hug and share a laugh.

When I'm faced with a tough situation I think of you, and I imagine what you would do or what you'd say to help me throught it.

Even when there is nothing going on I think of you and your ability to make lif's dullest moments fun.

You see- even when you're somewhere else a part of you is always here with me" Leslie Kemp Author

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