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Cyber Knife????????????

Dave C

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Has anyone had experience with this procedure?

There was NED on my CT scans from March of '08 until March of '09,when a swelling of a lymph node was shown in the right hilar region of my right lung. Dr. says this swelling is due to a developing tumor.

I am currantly on TARCEVA 150 mg, & the tumor/swelling is stable in a CT scan taken 6-07-'10.

On my last visit with my Onc. i asked about cyber knife, & he said that now may be the time to do this since the tumor is small.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had this procedure.

I have a consultation sched. with the Dr. that will do this,if i decide to have it, but am seeking info from others.



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You should be able to see in my signature that my sister did Cyberknife for the tumor that remained after first line chemo/radiation that sterilized the nodes but left behind some active tumor. She weathered it like a champ and the only real issue was lying down on the table for the time it took. (back pain and some post nasal drip that was more annoying when lying down)

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My mom, who is 81 years old, just had cyberknife November 2009 and just had her Pet Scan June 7th.. the results were, NED... yes, nothing left , but a bit of scar tissue. She is a 3 year cancer survivor, has had two wedge sections and now this. I'm not sure what kind of information you would like to know, but I will be more than happy to answer what I can if you would like to PM me.

Briefly, this is all I know.. Mom's tumor was in CM not mm, so it had some size to it, but cyberknife still worked for her. She was not a candidate for another surgery due to her COPD and the fact that last surgery resulted in a 3 week hospital stay for her, due to complications- pneumonia etc. Cyberknife requires, scans , biopsies and also markers to be placed prior . It's a long prep process , but the actual treatment time varies per patient. My mom had 5 days of treatment and she was required to lie on the table for a long period of time.. she was there about 3 hours each time. There are a lot of variables to this plan... I will be glad to give you details, if you write to me.. Mom, due to her age had a rough time with fatigue after , but this is not always the case. Your case may be more like Joel's .. see Maryanne's post in the test time forum.. We are currently waiting , once again for Joel's follow up to his latest scan. So far, he has done well.

As I have said, feel free to PM me if you have further questions you would like to ask. Best of luck to you.



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