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"uptake" in ribs?


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Hello Friends,

We went to rad oncs today for bone scan results for my father's shoulder pain. Well nothing is wrong with his shoulder, but they said there is some "uptake" in some of the ribs on both sides. So now they want to compare his bone scan that was done in June and see if theres no change. We wont know about that till Wed when we see the chemo onc for the new chemo plan.

They said it could be mets, if it is they will see what chemo does and if they dont go away or they get bigger theyll radiate them but only if they become a problem. The rad oncs are so good to us, always hopeful and optimistic. They said radiation works well with this. Or, it could be his Paget's disease, or it could be from a fall he took awhile back. They said trauma would show up on a bone scan.

So, friends, anyone heard of this or had this and it turn out to be nothing??

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