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Hi Everyone, Days are going fast getting closer to surgery date 9/13/10,I really dont know if Im scared yet or just numb, then Chemo not looking foward to be more nausuas then I already am. Still working trying not to think about all this, But really dont help much especially working with doctors. Well just wanted to keep posting and thanx for reading and letting me vent.. Take Care God Bless . Mary

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Hi Mary,

I worked until Friday before my Monday surgery! I had a little Rx help and lots of absences. Chemo nausea really can be kept in check with meds. Don't even think about that. And don't forget to advocate for what you need both after surgery and during chemo.

I fought with one nurse and one resident while I was recovering - one wanted to give me a drug I saw no need for - and my doctor agreed, and the other was reluctant to give me ibuprofen though I was certain it would relieve the particular pain I was experiencing. It did. If you know your body signals, you can help take care of yourself.

You'll figure out the chemo thing just about when it comes to an end - so believe the oncology nurses when they tell you to stay ahead of the nausea.

We will be here to listen - and chime in with our two cents.

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