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Hi! My name is Stephanie. I wish that I didn't have to become a member of a site like this, but I am very thankful that this is here.

We lost my Daddy on July 15, 2010 of nsclc. It is very hard to even wrap our minds around right now. My Mom has been beside herself and I don't know how to help her. She came to stay with me in VA a month after Daddy died. Last week I took her to the ER because she was experiencing shortness of breath. They found a 10 mm nodule in her lung. Her primary doctor says that it is just something that they will watch, but after what we have gone through...that's difficult!

Thank you for having such a place where I may be able to vent from time to time.

God bless everyone going through this!

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Hi Stephanie,

I'm so sorry about your father. It is even worse that you are now frightened for your mother. A 10mm nodule is very small and it is often the case that small nodules are not concerous and will never become cancerous. The fact that they know it is there means they can watch to see if it is a harmless nodule or something they need to be conerned about. If it grows then they have most likely caught it early eough to remove it surgically. Still, it has to be hard knowing it is there--especially after losing your father to LC. I'm glad you found us. The "Grief" section of his board is a place to find comfort from folks who have and are coping with the loss of someone they love from lung cancer. Sometimes it just helps to talk with people who have been where you are.


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Hi Stephanie,

I agree, that it's so small that it only needs to be "watched" at this point. There's no use in putting her through a surgery, when it could very well be just scar tissue or other benign material. I understand your concern though. I lost both of my parents to cancer, and can understand your anxiety.

Feel free to come here to express your feelings about your Dad's death, as well as worries over Mom. This is a good place to come and talk out what you are feeling.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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