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  1. Rest in peace sweet Janet. You inspired many and touched even more. You will not be forgotten. Susan
  2. fillise

    What a Milestone!!

    Kasey--congratulations on your milestone! Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom, knowledge and strength over the years. You've been a big support and source of hope over the years. Thank you, Susan
  3. Sue, I'm so sorry. Your mom fought so hard and she didn't let the lung cancer beat her. I loved her spirit and her fight. As one who has walked this path, I'll support you any way I can. Our moms are so special and when they leave us it's a hole that no one else can fill. Our memories keep us warm and one day thinking and talking about your mom will bring smiles instead of tears. I promise. Susan
  4. Afer io saw that she had passed on Saturday, I went back and rewatched the last episode of Desperate Housewives. It undid me when I first saw it and it undid me again on Saturday. Watching Karen McClusky in her final days took me back to watching my mom in her final days. I so respected Katheryn Joosten for her determination to erase the stigma that goes with lung cancer and to edcuate the public on the fact that it is the #1 cancer killer for women and that you don't have to smoke to get it. She was a great friend to the lung cancer community and she will be missed. Susan
  5. fillise


    Perfect Nick! Susan
  6. The link is to a story about Heather Pope Foster, a 34-year old woman who was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer when she was 23 week pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy daughter in February, but sadly she passed away on Saturday. This has gotten me to thinking about Rainey, Tracy, Heather, Lilly and all the other young mothers taken by this stupid disease. Add another one to the list. I hate lung cancer. http://www.wect.com/story/17039398/foll ... her-crisis
  7. I can only say what LCSC meant to me in March of 2007 when I found it. Mom had been diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC in January and I began grieving immediately. One night a couple of months later while I was on the Internet looking for something, anything that might help her I found LCSC. It was literally the first time i learned there was hope and that people could survive this disease. One of the things I always liked about LCSC was that there seemed to be a place for everything. A place to introduce yourself, a place for caregivers, places to share good news and bad and yes, a place just for fun. One thing about lung cancer is that if it robs us of our humor and our laughter it wins far more than it needs to. Sure there is Facebook, this is for people touched by lung cancer. Sometimes when I post something on FB, even humorous, I get crass responses that if people didn't smoke there wouldn't be lung cancer. Well, you know how that sets most of us off. Here that doesn't happen. So, yeah I think it's nice to have a place just for fun on the forum. I think that participation is entirely voluntary and is what we make of it. It was not a place I posted much, but I often read the Air just to see how folks were doing. I'm also one of the folks that keeps up more on social media these days. I also have to admit that after mom passed, I found it very hard to come here and greet newcomers with hopeful stories. I need to get over that. We need to help each other because it is such a lonely journey. That was brought home when I read that Donna Summer kept her lung cancer a secret because she was ashamed. We need to help each other and all those out there who will need us one day. Susan
  8. fillise

    KW Judy Obituary

    I'm thinking there had to be many tears shed at Judy's service today, but I'm betting there was also laughter and smiles. I think Judy would have liked that.
  9. fillise

    Bryan Hinson

    I'm so sorry Bruce. Cancer sucks. No other way to put it. Hugs to you, friend. Susan
  10. Hello, It's going to be hot here today too with highs in the 80s. Worked out this morning and still waiting for the boost of energy it is supposed to give me. . . . waiting. . . . I reallu want to put my head down on my desk. Next week I will be heading to NC to spend some time with my father. I'm looking forward to that. Susan
  11. fillise

    Judy kw

    JudyKW, you were our sunshine and our air. I will miss you. Susan
  12. fillise

    Mother's Day

    I thought it might get easier the second year, but I still feel stabbed everytime I hear a Mother's Day commercial. I'm going to focus this week on trying to remember the ways that my mom was a fabulous mother and try to be grateful for the years I had with her. Special thoughts to Andrea, Denise and others who will spending their first Mother's Day without their moms. Susan
  13. It certainly has been a good day, knowing we've heard from Judy in KW. Janet, I hope you are having fun with your little bug. Go smell that salt air!
  14. Janet, Janet, you know Judy would want you to enjoy that bright yellow Beetle, so have fun in it and enjoy the sun smiling down on you. We are all heartbroken that Judy is so ill. So many times she encouraged me during my mom's battle that I just feel like she is family. Nonetheless, I know she would be telling you to be happy for achieving your dream, because nothing pisses LC off more than a happy survivor! Susan
  15. Will be praying for Mitchell. Thanks for letting us know Randy.
  16. fillise


    I am so sorry to read this. Stephanie fought hard and fought well. Susan
  17. fillise

    Our 'Geri'

    Oh no. Geri was such a light--with her sense of humor and her determination to ALWAYS fight on her own terms. I know there is a joyous reunion among old friends in heaven, but those of us left here are once again shedding tears. Susan
  18. fillise

    Colleen Brennan

    I am heartbroken to read this. It is awful when we lose any of our LC family, but everytime we lose someone so young, especially with young children, I am even sadder and even more angry. Love to Jack and Coleen's family. My heart and prayers are with them today and always. Susan
  19. Thanks everyone, My mom, with an evil little laugh, used to say that it gave her great pleasure to think about my brother and I cleaning out the house after she was gone. I image she thoroughly enjoyed watching us last weekend.
  20. being with your grandmother will do a lot to help her. When there are no works, a squeeze of the hand or a hug can speak volumes. I will keep your family in my prayers. Susan
  21. fillise

    One Year

    Ronnie, I can't believe it has been ayear either. I think having a place nearby where you can bring pat flowers and go and talk with her is very sweet. It's funny how we get that intuition to do something and it turns out to be exactly the right thing. I hope the next year is easier for you. Susan
  22. Went to NC to clean out and pack up mom and dad's house this past weekend. My sister-in-law, dad, brother and some great friends were there as well. We worked. laughed, cried and got it all packed up and cleaned out. 47 years worth of family life. Needless to say it was emotional. When I pulled out of the driveway for the last time I bawled like a baby. The house is now on the market and we have moved dad into a retirement community. My house is now full (literally floor to ceiling in my dining area) of boxes and furniture from mom and dad's house. Lots of tears, but it was an important step to take. Not a happy one, but an important one. Susan
  23. I also check in when I can. I'm reading more than writing these days, but I do stop in as often as I can to see how everyone is doing. Susan
  24. Michelle, I'm so happy for you. You deserve this love and, like Sue, I think Donald would have approved and maybe have helped it along a little bit. Enjoy every minute of your life! Susan
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