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Sunday's Air


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Afternoon All! Little overcast and windy but still a nice day in paradise. Catch some crappy for me Bud.

Eric, honestly, if you ticked anyone off, I don't know it lol. Sorry to hear you got lonely for your US pals here but that tends to happen from time to time, especially on weekends.

Been MIA for two days because the kids were here for Thanksgiving. Don't worry, you didn't miss the holiday. Wendy and Dominick came down for an early T-Day because she and her Dad will be working on the real holiday. It was a joint effort. I didn't let Stan put one finger on the fixins of my stuffing. He got creative with it one year and everyone hated it! He cooked the most beautiful turkey I've seen outside of a cookbook. And it was wonderful. I've recommitted to Butterball. Butterball forever now.

Wendy and I went to town for a little yesterday. Got con leche on the way. It was fun. I miss her living here. Dominick surprised me with an o.k. to go to his Uncle Dave's for the real Thanksgiving. It means driving 3 hrs T-Day but we'll stay over and head back to PSL Fri morning. Stan will be leaving me up there in the coach on Tues before Thanksgiving. He'll go on to work in AL and then OH. Hopefully get some hunting in while in OH.

I'm tired, tired. I've been doing a lot but I think the Tarceva is started to build up. The rash is cranking up some and the intestestinal distress is worse. But the biggest problem is that I am aching aching all over my body. Oh well, maybe it's because the medicine is working.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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