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3 days after Radiation


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I am new here so hello! I will also post an introduction post but want to get right to the point with this question. My 57 year old mom has Stage 4 LC with bone METS. She also only has one lung. She started radiation a week ago and did five sessions on three spots in her body including her skull, lower back and pelvic area and her shoulders. The treatments stopped on Wednesday this past week and she has taken it ok so far. On her worst day she took 40 mg of Hydromorphone throughout the day but has been maintaining at 24 mg a day. This includes two slow release pills of 6 mg each and then 1 mg pills throughout the day. Tonight she was in so much pain she was literally sobbing. There was no release from the pain whatsoever. We are going to speak to her doctor on Monday and managed to get her calm tonight. Does anyone know if this is a normal side effect of radiation? I know they talked about pain flare, would this be possible three days after ceasing radiation therapy. Does anyone have experience with this so I can give her some hope? Thank you guy so much in advance for your help!

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I posted on your other thread - so forgive my ignorance of the details posted here. I did not have significant problems from 30 sessions of radiation - but mine was quite different than your Mom's.

I know it is a holiday weekend, but I see no reason to wait till Monday to talk with her doctor if the pain continues. Even if her doc is not on call, someone should be. Okay, maybe it works differently in Canada, but I have to believe there is someone available to assist.

You've got me all riled up and we've just met you. Please let us know how things go.

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Hi there,

If she is in this much pain, please take her to the Emergency Room. No one should be in so much pain that they are sobbing. My mom's cancer spread to her bones, and she was in a lot of pain as well. But with liquid morphine, and the Duragesic patches, we were able to bring it under control. We had to get hospice involved because the traditional doctor's would not give her enough pain medication because they were worried she would become an "addict." I was like, give me a break!

When they determine how many patches will control the pain, then use the morphine for "break through" pain. They will teach you how to put the date on the patches so you can rotate them if she needs multiple patches.

I wish you the best on this. It was so difficult to watch my Mom go through this, but we did get her pain under control and I hope you will find the help you need too.

Judy in MI

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So glad a couple of faithful souls were here to respond to you on Christmas Day. This is truly a wonderful family we have here.

I hope you were able to get relief for your Mom. As I read on thru "view new posts" I'll look for a followup post. If you haven't yet, please let us know. I really feel for you and your Mom. No one should have to go thru that in this day and age.

Judy in KW

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