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Sandy thanyou so much for the update on Marlons Mom.

Extra special prayers are going out to Marlon and his Mot er. God please heal her and give Marlon strength.

Ihope that he/you won't mind if I give a brief synopses for those who are not familar with this young man.

Hes around 26 and has a 17 yr old younger sister. His father was killed in a car accident and Moms remmaried to someone he doesn't think has her best interest at heart...

Marlon has worked extra hard to provide Mom with extra nutritional supplements that cost hundreds monthly and he was vigilant to make sure that his mothers trapped lung was reopened after collapse and finally after much grief was able to find a surgeon to take on the task. She was doing well but unfortunately Marlons Mom was misdiagnosed and had ovarion cancer as a primary that was left undiscovered....Marlon is undoubdtly angry and understandbly upset with the medical community.

Lets pray for this young Man who is talented and wants so desperately to love and protect his family....

and give him and his Mom strength and peace of mind to fight this battle.

Hope I was accurate in my recollectiion. God Bless


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