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Saturday's Air


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Hey sleepy heads, wake up! Or is it summer has got you out and enjoying sunshine? We've got overcast, with forecast for rain.

I had to open early (for me) to remember the dream I had this morning. Was dozing and listening to the radio (NPR) but dreamt I was watching tv. Guess what was on? It was live from the Dallas Cowboys' locker room where they were interviewing Eric about his trip across the US, and he was wearing his kilt and LUNGevity t-shirt! I was confused because he wasn't suppose to be in the US yet, but they mentioned he had started his trip early and gone to Mexico first and was headed north through Texas to begin the US part of his trip.

I am headed to a Qi Gong workshop this afternoon and all day tomorrow. It's a busy weekend in Seattle and I'll miss it (except the traffic, most likely.) There are a couple of Pride festivals, the Rock N Roll Marathon, and a car show that closes the commercial street in my old neighborhood. Mostly hot rods and collectible cars from the 40's thru the 70's, bad music, and little street food. It was fun when it was walkable, but I wouldn't bother to go now.

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I know it is already Sunday - but boy was it a slow day Saturday. I stayed up late and ran away from home Saturday. I drove to West Virginia to Charles Town Slots and donated some money - sigh. Now I am home and relaxing - it was nice to be away from here!

--- one week to go til Eric arrives in Richmond!!!---


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