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Saturdays Air


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Judy KW, Randy, Sue, Annette and Ginny, Alan and all of you on or near the East Coast. Saying a lot of prayers for your safty. Please let us know how you are as soon as you are able.

Judy KW looks like you left your huricane prone Island home to go up there to NJ and get caught in a big one. Hope you are moved to a house or hotel. Stay safe.

Not much going on here today. I took 3 of my neighbors out to the farm and we loaded up on fruits and vegetables. I bought yet another watermellon but I picked it out this time and it is not as good as the one the owner picked for me last time. That is a bummer because I normally only eat it once or twice a year and got another one because the two I had before were so good. Peaches on the other hand are great!!!

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Wow, holy lonliness Lilly! I'll join you. I was busy all day. We had a gorgeous day in Saugatuck, MI, a gorgeous lake shore town that is so quaint and lovely. Had a great time.

I was not able to hear much news today, but did hear that the hurricane downgraded itself. I hope that is true.

Nothing much else to say! HOpe all are well.

Judy in MI

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I almost never make the air - and to be only the 3rd person is really something. I imagine everyone back East has bigger things on their minds -- but hope and pray everyone is safe and dry.

We keep trying to figure out how to retire, so went to an RV show today to see what some of these newer motor homes and RVs are like. I have to admit some of them are really something - fireplaces, washer/dryers, flat screen TVs and the list is endless. Very expensive too - but fun to window shop.

Lily, it's hot and unusually humid here in Medford today -- so I know it must be hot in Redding. Judy - sounds like just the kind of place I love and am glad you had a good time.

Hope everyone stays safe.


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