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Morning All! Not taking time to read. Just checking in to say we are o.k. When I checked mid-week I was already $76+ dollars over allowed time on my mobile.

We left the park where we were staying because it was lowland with many trees. We are back parked at my sister/cousin's yard in Jacksonville, NJ, Springfield Twp, Burlington Co NJ. My cellphone won't take a call presumably because the towers are jammed. So far, all is good with me and min and the storm is passing through now. Nothing we are worried about. We came from Key West for an earthquake and a hurricane lol.

Hope all of you along the coast are well. I will pop in Saturday's Air before I log off to check on anyone from the storm area who has posted.

Judy in Mt Holly NJ

Have a great day everyone.

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Hi you guys, not much going on here in central Pa. We had about 3 inches of rain., much more to our east. Alot of wind blowing this morning but no damage around here., no loss of power. The patches we put in our basement walls with hydraulic cement worked great. 3 inches of rain, normally we would be down there squeegying (is that a word?) Anyway, looks like just a little more work and our basement should stay dry. It's been a big pain for many years. Hope all are ok. along the east. Not as bad as predicted so that's good. Be safe everybody. Alan

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We're faring pretty well through it all. LOL. Today someone at church said, "I love living in Michigan. Yes we get a lot of snow, but they clear it out so fast. We don't get earthquakes, hurricanes, mud slides, or giant forest fires." I have to agree. Have not been home since early morning, so I have no idea how New York was faring in this so far. My next stop will be to Yahoo to see what is up.

Hope you all come back next week!

Judy in MI

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