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Good morning! Another beauteous day here. Mid 80's and mid 50's. Just when it gets too warm in the house, the sun sets and the temps drop and it's perfect. No need for heat or air conditioning.

KW Judy, I think I'll take your advice! R is gone for the rest of the weekend. Now take out Chinese is a challenge when you live in the boonies, but I'll find a joint as close as possible. I love Chinese food! I have all kinds of chick flick movies on the DVR, so it'll be a good evening.

Even though it is beautiful out, I am home bound today. I've been neglecting the house and cleaning because I have felt so poopy with the allergies. But I'm recovering from the worst of them, and want to make some progress inside while he is not home. Tomorrow I think I"ll get the crock pot out and make a big pot of beef stew. I love home cooking and this is the time of year to do it!

I miss all the regulars that are not here anymore. I invite the lurkers to come on in and get comfy. We love new folks to be a part of the air each day.

Judy in MI

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I am curious folks. I went back to the daily air posts, and I see as many as 145 looks to a minimum of 40 to 50 looks at these posts. Who are you? Why do you just look and not say hi? We would love to hear from you about your lives.

Just curious............................ :|

MI Judy

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Infusion week - was pretty low T-Th, but felt okay on Friday!

Went for a mammogram, results to be mailed in 1-2 weeks. Arrg. My old place told you before you left. Woke up in the early hours feeling bruised all over my chest. Assume it was that.

Went to a concert last night. A woman I know wrote about half the songs and sang them all, sometimes played guitar, sometimes accompanied by a piano, and sometimes by drum, piano, bass, mandolin, and guitar (and harmonica.) It was a fundraiser for two organizations she is involved with. Held in a church (funny place for a jewish girl to be on Yom Kippur!) Church = wooden pews = sore body. She has a lovely, sweet voice and presence. I only cried a little - many lyrics about loss, love, and life.

Blue sky! The house weatherization is almost complete and we can definitely tell a difference already. The breezes inside the house have ceased.

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JudyMI - your weather does indeed sound perfect. I was just thinking about making beef stew earlier - I'm not the biggest beef stew fan, but just something about this time of year always makes me want to fix some. I should be cleaning too, but it is humid here today and so makes my breathing worse -- (that's my excuse anyway :)

Stephanie - Sounds like a great concert. I just love Seattle. Lived in Portland for many years, and it's a great city - I think the cities are very similar -- but there is just something about Seattle. I didn't really ever get to see too much of the city, but loved what we did see and all the wonderful seafood and chowder and sourdough . . . now I'm getting hungry. I hope I get to go back sometime when I'm not there for treatment - so many places I wanted to see but just didn't have time or feel well enough. My next few scans are here in Medford. The one drawback is that they keep you waiting much longer for your results - and I hate that!

We've been having chilly, cloudy weather - but today is nice - in the 70s and sunny. Not supposed to last though. We've gotten a few more tomatoes, but I think that will be the last of them.

JudyMI - I don't know about others of course, but I've always done more "lurking" than posting, and it's because when I'm working a lot it's on the computer - so when I'm not working, I just don't want to sit at the computer. I do check in to see what's up, but quite often just don't have the time (or make the time I guess) to post. I am very appreciative of all who do.

Have a great Saturday everyone.


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Hey Diane,

Thanks for the response to my query. I understand getting busy and not being able to post. No doubt about it. It's just that in the last month or so, the posts that made this lively and interesting have totally died down. It's hard to write an interesting post when others don't post. My life is just not that interesting. LOL.

I love it when the Air is lively because it gives us all something to respond to which interests all of us. I'm not blaming anyone, but do wonder about the huge amount of "looks" without any comments.

I just want to encourage anyone that is here and wonders if they "should" post in here that they definitely should! We want to hear from lots of folks. It's what makes it vital and alive!

MI Judy

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