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Sunday's Air


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Afternoon All! Congratulations to any of you who are having nice weather. It's been rainy or overcast and blustery here for days. No antique auto show. I was disappointed. I knew Stan would enjoy it, it would get me out of the house and we'd eat out lol.

Judy, at least we haven't had to cut up a large tree.

Paulette, I can definitely relate to needing a vacation after some RV trips. I'm fond of it but often recall--at home I have a dishwasher, a laundry and a cleaning lady lol. It's still a great way to travel though.

Stephanie, I didn't realize. Oh no, having to lay around and do nothing on our good week is the pits. Having had my chemo Thur, this is not my good week so I'm going to veg the rest of the day.

Have a good one everyone.

Judy in KW

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Ah, it's early evening here, and I'm fighting the sleepies! No nap at 20 to 6! The sun is shining in the window as it readies itself to set and it has me sleepy.

We had friends over last night, so slept in and went to late service this morning. It was nice. Came home and made breakfast, and worked on coupons and headed out to grocery shop. R worked on mowing and blowing leaves. Nice day.

There's not much to write about when the posts in here are infrequent. Not complaining at all, but it gets interesting when a bunch of folks post. Judy and I just can't generate all that much excitement. LOL

Anyway hope everyone is well. See you tomorrow.

Judy in MI

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