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Monday's Air


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Morning All! The sun has come up as I've been sitting here catching up. I was up at 6:30am, not my favorite time. Reflected once again how I am very slow at waking once I am up. Looking at the clock and thinking at least an hour lol.

Stephanie, I am so glad I read Sunday's Air this morning. Kubota Gardens are breathtaking! I would be in heaven just sitting there in the midst of all that beauty. Gardens are one of my favorite things.

Judy your weekend sounds like the perfect balance of chores and fun and relaxation. Wonderful way to lead into the new week.

Same with you Eric. Your charity event sounds like a rousing success. Working on Irene's kitchen reminds me of our rennovation days. Stan laid more tile on floors and counters than I'm sure he cares to remember. And your Sunday sounds like the perfect day of rest.

My day of rest involved dragging out some items to try to get a Fall centerpiece to suit me for my diningroom table. As mentioned before, my son David is coming with his wife, kids and mil. I spent some time out on the screen porch reading the paper and went to town for a little shopping. Was bummed that I forgot my coupon for CVS but oh well.

Got to go, Stan's on the phone from ND. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all! Hope you had a nice visit with Stan, Judy! Sounds like you are having a nice and content time as well.

I was wondering why the typing print is so huge when I type here in the last two days. Then I hit submit, and it's normal size. Well, my getting older husband refuses to get glasses and can't read well anymore, so he changed the view to 110%! LOL!

I woke at 6:30 too Judy. But we are different. You sit and slowly wake up, I get a glass of water, drink some and go back to sleep! LOL. I think you are more productive than I am. At 6:30 it was very dark, and pouring rain. R was gone already because he had to drive to Detroit on business today. The sound of the rain, and the chill in the house made it really easy to just curl up in the comforter and sleep for a few more hours.

Now the sun is out. It's supposed to get to 62 today! That's awesome!

Judy, thanks for reminding me. I've been meaning to change some things around the house to make it look more "fallish" and I think I'll run errands for the rest of the day and do just that!

K, going to go! Have a great day.

Mi Judy

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Judy, guess it's just you and I today. I went to your garden link and it is beautiful. I'm afraid our gardens here pale in comparison to Seattle and MI. Stan and I have plans to go up the coast at least as far as Maine next year to see the Fall colors. I have a reunion in NJ Oct 6 so the timing should be great. The next year I want to take a trip visiting gardens.

I am getting a head-start on the bookkeeping I do for the accountant at tax time. Who knows what I'll be doing this year in Jan and Feb. Something fun I hope. I thought if Stan went hunting again in Jan, I could spend a week or so in PSL. Haven't spent an extended time with Wendy and Dominick for awhile--just me that is.

Don't know about contented though. I'm too tired to do much of anything but watch TV in the evening and it's beginning to bore me. I need to get a good reading light in the livingroom so I can read instead.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Late to the party - slept all day - even part of the time at clinic. Some mysterious infection raging in my system - WBC count high, no pneumonia, no febrile neutropenia. Maybe just a flu, despite last week's flu shot.

So much for feeling great - that was yesterday. Scan results tomorrow.

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