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Thursday's Air


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Afternoon All! I'm at the hospital in KW getting my chemo as I type. Hate this. Get a little down everytime I'm getting ready to go. O.k. once here.

Dinner at the neighbors was fabulous. She made some kind of dish with Salmon on the bottom and browned crusty fat scallops on top. Never had it and it was amazing. Two of my favorite seafoods too.

Bud, thank you soooo much for the pic. You and Rose look amazing. Looks like a good time.

Stephanie, it sounds like you are appreciating the benefits of being off chemo. I've been experiencing a hair texture thing with Taxoete. My hair has been falling out gradually for months. It's thin compared to my normal thick head of hair but the texture is the worst. It looks like fried hair, like I had one or more too many bad perms. What we won't endure to stay alive huh lol.

Well what can I say, I'm just here being pumped full of fluid. Can't wait to be done. Then back tomorrow for a shot. Then I can forget it again for 3 wks.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy and Steph, (since no one else posted)

Judy I wish you had someone to sit with you through chemo too. Though I must admit it was hard being chatty with someone for 8 hours, which was how long my infusion lasted. I hope you won't have bad days after this.

I get it about the hair. I am afraid that if my hair was really thin and it looked fried, I'd probably shave it off. I really didn't mind being bald (except for losing my eyelashes and eyebrows). No shaving legs for a long time was great! Shower's were much shorter. It was a really good time saver. LOL. I love wearing hats, so it was fun to find cute cheap hats, and coordinate them with my "outfits".

That dinner your neighbor made sounds so amazing and delicious! My mouth is watering as I type this.

So was at Gilda's all day. It was a tough evening. One of our women with breast cancer is dying. They've exhausted all options, and Hospice is the last one. She is doing well right now, as she is almost done with 20 rounds of WBR, and it's providing her some relief. But listening to her as she talked, coming to grips with the end of her life broke my heart. She is in her 30's with a 4 year old and 8 year old.

Another in our group has decided to stop chemo. She has lung cancer. She hoped this last round would do the job, but the tumors are not responding, and she announced last week that she would be ending the treatments. She has exhausted all possible treatments, so another in the group that is coming to grips with end of life issues. Really sad stuff.

Anyway, life is full of sad stuff right? Everyone of us at this place gets that.

Looking forward to tomorrow for absolutely no reason other than "glad to be alive".

MI Judy

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