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Morning All! Cannot tell a lie, I got pulled into the Farmville time sucker yesterday. Haven't planted crops in ages. Guess I need "sitting time" right now so I don't wear myself out before next Thursday. Work a little, play alot lol.

We're getting a little warmer here but there seems to be no end to the wind. Makes me worry about the guys getting out fishing when they come down. The first thing the youngest, Logan 7, said on the phone the other day was "PopPop and I are going out on the boat." Dave lives in Orlando and they don't make the trip down often. His boys love the boat.

Hope you all have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy. I gave up all of those games almost a year ago. They just bogged my computer down too much. Sometimes I would have to wait for 10 minutes or more for it to do something on one of the games. I just have a lot of other things I want to spend my time on.

I sure hope the wind dies down and lets your guys go fishing. Nice to see a young one wanting to fish. My youngest grandson is not really a fisherman but my granddaughter Bridget is. She went in the boat with her dad last week and she is almost 7 months pregnant. Speaking of her, the daddy of her baby is going to be in a new series on SPIKE tv. It is a take off from Swamp People. He is in the Philipines filming right now. The name of the show will be Cajun Crock Hunters. Not sure when it will air but when she found out the baby is a girl they filmed him getting the news. If they don't cut it it will be in the show.

I went to the doctor this morning and she didn't do anything to my toe this time. I am so glad because I think it needs time to heal without her working on it each time I go. One problem I have is that for some reason all of the antibiotic creams and salves seem to cause the redness to get worse. Still use them but not as often. I leave here in less than a two weeks and don't need anything else to worry about.

Our weather has been just beautiful. Temperatures in the low to mid 60s and blue sky. All of that is about to change because the clouds are rolling in tonight and the temperature is supposed to start falling. Snow levels down to 1000 feet and we are not much lower than that here. Just so it doesn't mess me up when it is time to leave. Once I get down to my nephews in Red Bluff there is very little chance of getting into the snow. Not sure what it is supposed to be like by then but they are saying a major storm may move in by Thanksgiving and I am leaving on Monday after Thanksgiving.

I will be checking in once in a while but not often so I want to take a minute to wish all of you the very best for all of the holidays. I will keep praying constantly for more research money and a cure. I want all of you to be here with us for a very long time. I also pray that no one else will live with these aniversary days so close to the holidays as Ann and I do and I am sure so many others.

Just one more request. My grandson's girl friend is asking for prayers for her mom. She had a mild heart attack but they found a lot of fluid around and in her lungs. She has a battery of tests comming. I don't want to scare Lisa but you all know the first thought that came to my mind. As much as I try not to let it play a role in my fears because we all know that others get LC, the fact is that she is a heavy smoker.

Becky I hope Santa brings you an early present in the form of a really good job. One that pays well and puts your skills to good use.

Randy I pray that you and your family can find some joy in the holidays. I know it is not going to be easy for you.

Judy MI prayers that all scans show no new growth and that you are stable. Judy KW hope that you too remain stable and as active as you seem to be lately.

Bud keep up the fishing and the bike riding. I only wish that I had the energy or the will power to do either. Well may get to go fishing if the are stll biting when I get there.

Stephanie, Diane, Alan, Bruice, Ann, Sara and Eric. I don't forget you. I just keep thinking how lucky we all are to be a part of this special family evn while wishing that we had never found a need to be here.

Katie keep uo the good work. My hear swells with pride just knowing you. I can onl imagine how proud your parents are looking down on you from Heaven.

Now I know that I am forgetting many more of you. Just please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure I will post again before I leave but I have a lot to do so wanted to make sure that I posted these wishes to all of you now.

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Spent the morning babysitting the newest grandson, so had a lot of fun with that. Now I'm back, and am trying to whip myself into working, but I find that if I don't get started early, I just lose interest. Becky - I can so relate to your job woes. I worked for an attorney that sounds just like this woman you work for - and they never change! This was before faxes, computer and email. He nit picked about everything, but the one that just drove me nuts was when I would take in a stack of work for him to sign, and every single time he would say "now you will be putting these in an envelope before you mail them, right?" :roll:

Lily - I hope you are wrong about the storm at Thanksgiving. I'm sure you know the mountain we have to drive over - and also through Weed, Shasta and Dunsmuir - and if it's snowing it scares me to death!! I will keep the mother of your g'son's girlfriend in my prayers. My first thought would be the same as yours.

JudyKW - I know now much the grandkids usually like going out in a boat and fishing - will be hoping your wind dies down, at least the holiday.

Hope everyone else is having a good day. Am going to try to motivate myself to do something constructive.


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HI everyone,

Well, my WiFi is finally fixed. What an endurance trial that was. One nice thing about Verizon's tech help desk is that the people live in the USA and speak English. How refreshing! I'm not prejudiced about other cultures, but it is so frustrating to try to get help when the person on the other line can't understand you and you can't understand them.

Becky and Diane, I can't imagine! And with the job shortages now, we can't be choosey or tell our bosses to stuff it! Darn it!

Judy, I read your final post yesterday and it was delightful. Sounds like you had an amazing day! It always makes me smile.

We'll miss you Lily. I pray your travels are safe, and the family healthy and happy. Thank you for always thinking of us and faithfully praying for us. You are awesome.

My day was much better today. First off, I woke this morning and for the first time in two weeks realized that I'm going to survive this cold. LOL! Last night I was whiney and weepy as I had a good old fashioned self pity party. Thank the Lord I was home alone. The cough is much better today and it's healing! Yeah!

Had a fun visit to Gilda's Club today. I went there for some training on our 2nd Annual Laughfest event. Because I answered the phones last year, I knew all the questions that the lovely public would be asking, so it was helpful to be there to help the newbies understand. Here's the link if you want to check it out. We have some big names coming this year. htp://www.laughfestgr.org.

As I was preparing to leave a couple came in, asking the hostess about the club. They said they heard about us and were planning their end of year giving and wanted to know more because she was a survivor and had many in her family with cancer. They took a brochure and were going to leave when I asked if they would enjoy a tour of the place. We tried to find staff to give it, but they were all getting ready for a meeting, so I got to give them the tour.

I gave them the history of Gilda, the club, our club house and the Lowell club as we strolled through the beautiful old farm house. It was so nice. When they got ready to leave, the woman had tears in her eyes, and looked at me and thanked me deeply, and then gave me a bear hug! How nice. Her husband did too. It was awesome.

R is home from hunting, so he's taking me out on a date tonight. I'm looking forward to that too.

MI Judy

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