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Good morning all! I laughed at Randy's comment about Black Friday. It's insane. Around here they said some people started camping at the doors at noon yesterday. Give me a break. You'll give up the holiday of being thankful for family and friends and camp outside in the cold for a deal? Two years ago, a woman was killed here. When they opened the doors at 4:00AM, she was pressed so hard against the glass that she fell, and people just trampled her to death. Seriously?

Not me. I do not go any where near the city on Black Friday. It's crazy and the traffic is unbearable. The people all have a crazed look in their eyes as they look for the deals. Yech!

Eric, the term Black Friday is because retailers claim that this is the first day of the whole year where their profits are in "the black" because of the major amount of shopping that gets done. I went once in my life, and that was good enough for me. Today I'll clean my home. Hubs shot a goose this morning, and he's outside cleaning it, so maybe we'll have goose for dinner tonight!

Our thanksgiving was lovely. My sister-in-law outdid herself in the food department. Enjoyed a couple glasses of wine, played cards, watched football, and it was just a nice day. Detroit Lions lost, like it seems they always do on Thanksgiving Day.

Sun is shining and it's supposed to get to 52! What a beautiful day to be thankful in.

MI Judy

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Afternoon All and Belated Happy Thanksgiving! I'm ducking in and making an appearance before I disappear again lol. I should have taken a Hall Pass til Monday.

Stan travelled and I had chemo Tuesday. All day Wednesday Stan and I did the prep for the whole Thanksgiving nine yards. The kids arrived around mid-morning and stayed til 9:30. Thank goodness they stayed and helped with cleanup. There was still lots to do this morning and Stan and I are trying to pace ourselves. Of course, the teenager Dominick is still in bed lol. They (Dave, Kym, her Mom and the boys, Ian and Logan) will be back late this afternoon and Wendy is on her way. Love it but are we getting old!

Hope everyone is having a fun family filled holiday.

Judy in KW

PS No Black Friday shopping for me either!

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