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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Alan and Judy, you asked for it, so this weekend post is especially for you. I'd just as soon curl up in a ball. I hope it's my allergies and not my grandson Ian's cold since they left last Sunday and I've been suffering for days. I'm congested and have a sore throat but the worst is my eyes are burning out of my head.

The tree is done and maybe even the jumping up and down to move ornaments an inch or so lol. I've don't most of the decorating I'll do. I started making it easier last year. I'm looking forward to starting to put empty boxes back up on the shelf.

I'm going to chill in fron of the TV for awhile. I'll wear my big black glasses to soothe my eyes some.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Still off time - went to sleep after dinner last night, woke around 4 and got up at 5 or so...it sure is a lot colder here than in Sicily. A frost last night. Cats seem happy to have us home. My laundry awaits. Lingering in vacation mode.

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Cold and foggy here, but if you drive 20 miles out of town you gain just enough altitude to get sunshine instead.

Chuck decided he wanted to decorate today -- so he's re-arranging furniture and putting the tree and decorations up. Funny how things change. When we were young I was so into the holidays and did all the decorating - he thought it just interfered with football. Now he's the one who wants to drag all these boxes out and I seem to have just become more of a scrooge the older I get. I like to look at it when it's all done - but I just don't want to do it and don't want to clean it all up after the holidays either. I have a friend who has a cover or bag she puts over her tree, so it sits in the garage all year completely decorated -- and then she just has someone carry it in and she's done! Of course her garage is empty, and I can't even get my car into mine at the moment :) so that won't work for us.

Like Stephanie, I'm going to go do laundry.

Judy, I hope it's allergies rather than a cold also. I held my breath at Thanksgiving. Normally I ask if any of the grandkids are sick before we go, but this year I didn't. Figured I'd just deal with it. There were 5 of them there, from 5 - 12 and thankfully no one seemed sick - but they are coming here for Xmas so I may be pushing my luck. Maybe I'll double up on my Vit C -- or I wonder, doesn't alcohol kill germs -- could double up on the wine instead:)

Off to the laundry room. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Our plane home was filled with small children. I appear to have survived without getting sick but am moving awfully slowly. Returning to hibernation mode?

Can you imagine being a young mother with an infant, flying from Africa to Seattle, with minimal English? That was one award winning baby. She kept a hand on his head during takeoff and landing - for comfort or perhaps knowledgeable about some pressure point to ease his experience? He was alert, but quiet.

Or how about a young couple with 3 kids, one still breast feeding, on the third leg of the journey from the Republic of Georgia to Seattle? Yikes!!!

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Hi all,

It's 8:30PM, and I'm just getting on line. Had the memorial service today for my Gilda's friend. It was wonderful. I made awesome connections with her adult children. Very nice.

As I was getting ready to go, R asked if I wanted something to eat. I'ved been struggling with appetite, and he'd been watching that cooking show called "Chopped" so I challenged him to find 3 things in the cupboard to fix a delightful meal for me. LOL

He did!

He took shrimp and flash fried it with curry and other spices. Then he sliced lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe, and garlic cheese on the bed. He then laced the salad with almond slices. Then he drizzled ranch dressing on it all. It was fabulous. It's rare that I eat a plate of food, but I almost did with this. Ate 3/4 of it. Oh my goodness it was fabulous.

As I drove home from the memorial, he called saying he was making a homemade tortilla soup with chicken. I got home and put in some black beans for flavor. Before we ate it, I added a dolop of sour cream. We had tortilla chips to dunk. Oh my gosh, it was so good.

Tomorrow I serve at church at the Information Hub. I love that job. I have a low carb, no sugar diet tomorrow to prepare for my PET on Monday.

It's all good.

Judy in MI

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