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Morning All! Beautiful morning in PSL. Got here late yesterday afternoon. Stan decided it wasn't worth going for an early dinner with his hip problem. Dominick stayed back at the coach with him. Wendy and I had a great leisurely dinner at Longhorn Steak House. Awesome shared stuffed mushroom appetizer and a Firey Grilled T-Bone for me. I felt like I needed fortifying after Friday's event. The meal was great.

This will probably be it for me for maybe a couple of days. We're off to Orlando this morning to spend the afternoon with Dave and family. My appointments Mon and Tue are very early and the long days usually wear me out. I screwed up royally getting all the dates wrong in my head and giving them to Stan that way for RV sites. We got it together, thank goodness, so we are all good now. I'm almost looking forward to the post-holiday. I've been so fried.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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oh Judy in KW - the first party didn't send me to the ER (yet) but I did just have some special time with the porcelain god. There was a very nice spread of homemade food and I ate a little plate. M ate plenty and hasn't experienced the same, so maybe it is just me (and the bit of a cold I am also experiencing.)

Will try some ginger tea now. Feeling dehydrated.

Hope the rest of the parties go fine - for me and all my friends here.

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well....it's 11:15pm. All of them are gone now. What a big day. Tons of food, lots of good conversation. Kind of a trying time with the kiddo's gifts. The two ten year old girls wanted to stack the gifts by name and just have everyone tear into it. Great Aunt Judy said no...no...no.....

I wanted each child to open their gift, and thank the adult that gave it. I was not content to have one child open all of their gifts at one time. While the ten year olds were not satisfied with it, they knew that Aunt Judy meant what she said, and it was done that way.

I have a nephew that is developmentally challenged. He is four, and is way way way behind in development. He basically lives for video movies, and unless you give him a toy with lots of loud sounds and lights, he is not interested. To me, he acts like an autistic child, but the doctors say it is not autism.

My family is not being transparent about what is going on with this boy, which makes me sad. We all wonder, and tip toe around it, and I think if the parents or Grand parents would be open to us, we'd find it easier to understand.

But we have a brand new baby girl that is the sister of him and his one year old sister. She is precious and was passed around for all to cuddle.

It was nice. I am very tired. We have a contractor coming in the AM to install the geo-thermal furnace system. I wish he was not coming tomorrow, but was assured that he will come in through the service door downstairs, and won't wake me.

I want to sleep in. I'm so pooped!

Judy in MI

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