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You are an amazing human being. Everyone on this board compliments me on my tenacity and being such a great caregiver to my mom, but after reading your story, you take the cake, my friend. My mom was also diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of unknown primary in July 2002. They never found any tumors, or the primary but assumed from the live cancer cells in the pleural effusion that it started in/on the lung. Every doctor we met before Block Center told us nothing could be done. To complicate things, she developed a trapped lung because of the pleural effusion.

My mom is also on a complementary protocol at the Block Medical Center in Evanston Illinois. I have no doubts whatsoever that it has contributed to her great progress although like in your guys' case, no one has used the word 'remission' yet. I firmly believe that the combination of the herbs, supplements, exercise, and diet all make the chemo more of a heat-seeking missile for cancer cells. Now, over nine months, 4 hospitalizations with pneumonia, 5 doctors, 2 oncologists and a pleurectomy later, mom appears to be in remission because she finally listened to her gut(and mine).

Big cheers from us here in Illinois, man. I plan to post my mom's story eventually too although I don't have exact dates written down. Take care.

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