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Aussie Love Poem


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Aussie Love Poem

Of course I love ya darling

You're a bloody top notch bird

And when I say you're gorgeous

I mean every single word

So your *ss is on the big side

I don't mind a bit of flab

It means that when I'm ready

There's somethin' there to grab

So your belly isn't flat no more

I tell ya, I don't care

So long as when I cuddle ya

I can get my arms around there

No women who is your age

Has nice round perky breasts

They just gave into gravity

But I know ya did your best

I'm tellin' ya the truth now

I never tell ya lies

I think it's very sexy

That you've got dimples on your thighs

I swear on gramma's grave now

The moment that we met

I thought you was as good as

I was ever gonna get

No matter what you look like

I'll always love ya dear

Now shut up while the game is on

And get me another beer!

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