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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Am going to tape the last half-hr of GMA and get an early start in the office. The bank stmts came in yesterday's mail but am still waiting for Merrill Lynch. Do think I faxed them late last year so oh well....

Am thrilled we have our lunch planned with Tom and Tee on Saturday. We have lunch plans at Antonia's on Thursday for my birthday with a trip to the near-by Hat Shop for a small summer straw. Looks like I'll be hair challenged for awhile. Did I tell you Wendy said I looked like a hairless albino cat in the bathroom of the Hampton in Lauderdale...LOL LOL LOL. A sense of humor is essential in our family.

Judy, don't know of any restaurants where shrimp crawl on the tables. And, in fact, the trees in Duval Square and downtown are more often mahagony, banyans or royal poinciana. Recently they were going to replace some trees removed for a sidewalk and replace them with palms. The neighborhood was in an uproar. It's not that we don't have any palms but the battle cry is "this is not Miami or Palm Beach."

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Judy, I had to laugh about the palm leaves and shrimps or crawfish! I am sure I am mixing this up with New Orleans! LOL. But I hope you four have a lovely lunch at Antonia's. I'm sure the weather there is gorgeous! Probably nothing below 70 degrees, and I'm quite sure no white stuff we call snow! We actually have a day that is supposed to be 52 here! In Michigan we will wear shorts and T-shirts and sandals with socks on.

I remember being in Florida once, and it was cool out so we had our sandals on with socks. Someone came up to us and asked if we were from Michigan. We said yes and wondered why they asked. They said Michigan people are famous for wearing sandals in all kinds of weather and just putting socks on with them. That totally cracked me up because it's true!

The woman staying with me today is a fabulous cook. She is famous for her desserts and brought me a piece of her famous chocolate and bananna graham cracker crusted cheese cake. I'm sure it will be heaven to eat. In addition, she has a big pot of chicken stew on the cook top. How nice!

I'm about sacked out. Have been up since 7:00 and the eyes are drooping. Think I'll lay down now and have my lunch at around 3:00. What a blessing to have women from my church coming by each day to take care of me and cook for me!

I've lost about 20 pounds since January 4, so everyone wants to fatten me up! Shucks! I guess I'll just have to put up with it. Darn!

Judy in MI

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