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Morning All! I'm going to do a quick opening. I've had to spend way too much time on the computer for other stuff the last couple of days and need to rest for an hour before I have to shower and get on the road again.

Judy, sorry about your nails. I never could do them with fungus such a problem in Key West. I had it in my thumbs and acrylics are the worst if you have fungus. Stan and I were talking about how gracefully I was aging at 64 when cancer struck. Now, staying even remotely pretty is a lost cause. I look like I've aged 10 yrs in less than 5.

Bud, that must be a really troublesome thing to see that documentary and look back on your medical history. Nothing to be done now but what a bummer.

Got to go. Not feeling my best this morning but think I've just had to be too active too soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all! Ah, Judy, maybe we're being too hard on ourselves? Although I do agree that this cancer thing has aged me as well. Or maybe it's just age that has aged me. LOL. They say that happens after age 55. I'm 57 so I'm ripe for that getting older "look".

Dianew, I so wish that the chemo would do that with my nails. After chemo, my hair grew back light brown, soft as a baby's hair, and very curly. I totally loved it and hoped that was my "new hair". Unfortunately after a couple of cuts, it went back to dark brown, and very very straight. Oh well, it's hair right? As for my nails, they are what they are.

Judy, hope you get to feeling better today!

We are getting HAMMERED today with big, heavy, gloppy snow this morning. You'd think our TV weather people were on drugs they are so giddy with glee over this. They haven't had a weather event to report on in months and months, so they just are glad for something that justifies their jobs!

Ok, nodding out at the keyboard, time to hit the coffee!

Have a good day my friends.

MI Judy

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Good afternoon everyone! I have been "away" from the air for the week. First, my daughter was home, then my favorite 4 year old came for a few days, and since then I have been pretty much a useless slug. That is how things are with me these days, if I have an active day, the next day I can barely function. When I do have things to do, my time limit seems to be two and a half hours, then I crash. Today I had my volunteer work at the farm, now at 2:00 I am in bed. Cancer sucks! Oh, and speaking of what it does for our looks, my hair which was thick, straight and shiny, now resembles a Brillo pad. It barely grows (I have gotten it cut once in a year) and my hairline is receding rapidly. It is lovely. needless to say I NEVER look in a mirror!

Weird weird day here today, yesterday I was outside with no coat, today I woke up to four inches of snow! The poor daffodils that had been tricked into growing look pretty miserable!

Katie, I know it is extra work for you, but our support group facilitator calls us all the Friday before the meeting to remind us. That way those who would have forgotten get a reminder and those that can't come let her know. It might save you time and food in the long run if you tried it that way?

Judy in KW. Do your best to get some rest - I know it is hard, but it is important!

I just saw the notice about the Labrecque/Lungevity walk in NYC. I think I will try to make it to that.

Peace everyone - Janet

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