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IT's 3:00AM. I have got to stop this middle of the night stuff. I can sleep well, but if I wake and feel good I want to stay up and enjoy that. Then I'm tired all day. I know if I'd make myself sleep at night, I'd feel good during the day but my stubborn pea brain won't get it.

I enjoyed reading the responses yesterday. I would like apologize for my comment about the Tarceva eyelashes. You know, people make silly comments because they just don't know. That is what I did. Tonight I googled Tarceva eyelashes, and what I saw was terrible! I wouldn't wish those eyelashes on anyone!

Lily, your duck story was funny! Don't mean to laugh, but picturing those big flat feet, slapping that mud, well, I just had to grin! And here Janet is taking on that ornery curmudgeon of a rooster to protect her duck babies. LOL. And then to see Janet try to psycho-analyze her rooster is even funnier!

Janet, the gift card idea is brilliant! I may have to go to that. But we both agree that having these helpers is so wonderful. How blessed are we?

So the oxygen technician lady came by yesterday. The good news is that I qualified for the conserver regulator. So now my little C tank lasts 12 hours, rather than 3! I was given a teeny little B tank that will last 3 hours, which is nice for quick trips in and out of stores, church, etc. My larger E tank is now good for 16 to 20 hours! Wow, this will make getting around so much simpler. This allowed me to get rid of the really big Q tank that was strapped in the back of my car. I used Q for travel times. I like this new system. They have a different way of configuring the lengths of the hoses, and more options for other conveniece items.

What was best of all was that she came in, she was relaxed, and when she saw my big list of questions, she didn't get that "deer in the headlights" look. She spent a couple of hours there explaining everything to me and I sure do understand all of it better now.

Like this. Before yesterday, I was told that Saturation % has nothing to do with why I get so short of breath (SOB). Wrong. When I am SOB, the body takes oxygen destined for extremities (like hands and feet) and instead routes the oxygenated blood to the vital organs which need it more. That explains why my hands are so cold that I need to have my heating pad on most of the day trying to keep them warm. That also explained why I've been feeling so light headed.

I called the "old" supplier and asked them to come pick up their equipment. Of course then the manager calls to see if he can salvage the relationship. I'll call him tomorrow. I just don't get it. They didn't explain anything well, which led me to calling the with a lot of questions. I ordered an oxygen testing meter, which they didn't deliver, even after 3 requests for it. Finally I cancelled the meter order, and got it elsewhere, and what do they do? Of course, deliver the unwanted meter. I complained on the phone and to the delivery person about them delivering tanks that were less than 1/2 full. Both of them promised it wouldn't happen again. IT did, twice. I told them I was frustrated and hoped that these kinds of issues would be resolved soon. They were not, and I didn't get a call from a manager. But finally fire them? The manager calls.

Oh well, no big deal. I'm really pleased with what I have now so that is good.

Well, it's time to get back under the blankets and snooze again. The wind is howling, and rain is pelting the windows. It's such a weather statement that says "get back in those blankets and sleep, it's nasty out here". So I am going to obey! i guess a cold front is blasting in. One more roar from old man winter.

Have a good day today. I think I am going to do just that. After a bit more sleep. :-)

MI Judy

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Judy - Am not sure where everyone is today, but figured I'd keep you company. I can sure relate to the 02 customer service issue. They've never told me a thing, just dropped off equipment and ran. I finally googled 02 and found out what was available myself. I'm not sure what their problem is. If you and I have problems with the lack of service/information - I can only imagine how it must be for an elderly person suffering from COPD who doesn't have any close family to help. The part I really like is that I get calls from people in India wanting to know if I want to pay my bill. When I say I haven't gotten a bill, they tell me that it will be going in the mail shortly and do I want to pay it now. So I'm constantly explaining that no, I'd like to see the bill before I pay it if they don't mind. :roll:

Our weather has sure been weird, but I'm not complaining. It will snow one day, and the next the sun is out and it's in the 60s. It's just beautiful today. Makes you want to go out and start planting a garden, but I know from experience there is still plenty of cold rainy weather coming, but it's sure nice while it lasts.

Since it's so nice today, I've been out driving around trying to find a color to paint our house. I'm tired of what we have, but the neighbors on either side both painted their houses last summer and took my two favorite colors. I guess it's true if you snooze you lose. So I bet I've driven 20 miles and can't find anything I really really like. Needless to say it's driving my husband a little nuts.

Well I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday -- only one more day to go!!


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There have been some delays and problems getting intot the site today so that may attribute to the quietness around here! we just got things back running this evening I think!!

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