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Well, it’s Friday! It’s gloomy and cold here now. No complaining, because we just went through two weeks of the most amazing warm weather and sunshine. Looks like we’re getting normal March/April weather for a week or so. That is okay. Was not ready to retire my comfy sweatshirts.

Yesterday the port was installed. Didn’t bother me a bit. Four attempts at putting an IV in did. Wow. I’ve never had issues with that, but for some reason my veins were really groggy yesterday. I leave here in a little bit for my two hour Navelbine infusion. This time in a port which I’m sure is going to be much better.

Right arm is still hurting a lot from the IV Navelbine last week. That will never happen again. IT’s the port or it’s not happening.

I’m looking forward to a long slow weekend. Rumor has it the Neulasta shot can cause some bone pain? No worries. I have plenty of the right medications, and if need be, I’ll take them and sleep. No matter what it is going to be okay.

Had a couple friends come over yesterday and do surface cleaning for me. So nice to have that layer of dust and grime gone! How nice that people are willing to help that way.

Well, I’m good. Going to head out soon. Wishing you all a good weekend!

Judy in MI

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P.S. thanks for the warning about the numbing cream for the port. The nurse "highly advised" me getting it. Thanks for the heads up.

My hearts go out to all in the battle right now. There's a few of us huh? But thanks to all of you warriors out there helping us get through it. We are all winners.


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Hi all you guys, It's been a while for me but I'm still here. Mi. Judy, you will like the port. I don't know if you had it before. I also had cisplatin and it wore me out after a while. I can't pin it on that alone though cuz there were other things too. Hydrating was the biggest key. I always got an extra liter while I was there. Even on off days, I went for a liter of fluids., and drank at least 2 more. Anyway, that was almost 3 years ago. Now I'm doing Pulminary rehab 3 times a week. I totally reccomend it, seems to be working and very educational. I'm learning alot there. My best to all of you, You are all my inspiration..keep pluggin.

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Judy - am so glad you now have the port and I am praying that the treatments go easy, with few side effects.

Alan - I had pulmonary rehab years ago after my first surgery, but since I now have even more trouble breathing due to the radiation fibrosis I've thought about seeing if I can go through it again. A refresher couldn't hurt. Am glad you are getting so much out of it.

While I have a FB page, I really don't do much with it. I know JudyKW is on FB quite a bit, and wondered if anyone had heard from her through FB or how she's doing? She was obviously feeling pretty badly when she last posted, and I'm just concerned at the silence.

We actually have a little sun this morning - don't think it's doing to stick around, but I can hope. Am meeting a friend for lunch at one of those restaurants where you can get breakfast all day -- so think I may have a very unhealthy order of french toast. I've been doing pretty good sticking to my treadmill - so figure I can splurge. Actually I am sure there is a major flaw to that logic - but am going to have the french toast anyway! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday, and has a great weekend.


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Good afternoon everybody!

It is another beautiful sunny day in New England, the daffodils are blooming!

Judy in MI, you will love the port! It makes life so much easier.

Diane, Judy said she would be gone til the end of the week and wouldnt have her computer, so I wouldn't worry yet. Hopefully she will check in tomorrow. I hate that she has been feeling so bad lately.

As for the French toast - go for it! I always choose French toast if it is on the menu, food from heaven!

I am headed out to enjoy this unseasonal warmth, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Happy Friday everyone.

Judy MI, I used Emla with chemo the first time. It helped a lot. Be sure to use a lot of it. I was told to apply it an hour before my appt and cover it with Saran Wrap. If you do that, add more after a while. With the second chemo, the nurse sprayed the port area with something she called "freezie stuff." It also worked.

I wish someone would tell me what they learned in Pulm Rehab!!!!!! Please.

I didn't have any trouble with Neulasta, but the nurse warned me that I might.

Wish we had a NLC (Non-lung cancer)board for those of us who have been diagnosed with another, new, non LC cancer. I'm having surgery (hopefully robotic) for endometrial cancer on Apr. 4th. I certainly wasn't expecting this!

On a lighter note, we've been watching the Ken Burn's series on the West (DVDs from Netflix). Really enjoying it.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


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Muriel -

Pulmonary rehab - at least the one I have been through - does a lot of different things. Teaches you all about foods - mostly about foods to avoid (pretty much the obvious stuff - chinese, mexican, high sodium), breathing exercises, lots of tips about inhalers and oxygen, and the one I attended was held at the hospital and even had a small gym. Basically they are trying to help you do the best you can with whatever breathing problem you may have. Looking back, at the time I was actually in pretty good shape -- I think I would probably get more out of it now.

Wow, cancer is really something isn't it -- as if one type isn't enough? :cry: A friend of mine just had that robotic surgery - and was back on her feet in less than a week. I sure hope you have the same experience. I think I've seen all the Ken Burns series - they have all been great. I watched one a year ago about the National Park System that I really enjoyed (at least I think it was Ken Burns).

Janet - thanks for the info on Judy - I do tend to be a worry wart.

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