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Evening All! Just coming in to say Janet, that is just the kind of Air you need to breathe out here. I will keep that family in my heart and mind during this difficult time.

And no, we won't call me Judy in Key West in DC lol.

I made it to lunch yesterday and it was fun. After lunch while the ladies went to the pool, I called Stan who took me home retching in a plastic bag. I was afflicted with the upchucks all day into the night and early morning. Oh, the last couple of months have been dreadful. Let's hope this Gemzar kicks butt fast.

Have a good evening eveyone.

Judy in KW

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Well apparently everyone is already off enjoying their Friday.

Judy I am soooo sorry about your stomach. I think the "upchucks" are just about the worst thing. Only thing I think is worse is having them on a road trip -- I became a lot more familiar with some of the rest stops between here and Seattle than I really cared to. I am praying that the Gemzar just really does its job fast. I've never had Gemzar, but one of my phone buddies is on it, along with another drug, and she doesn't seem to be having many problems. I hope that fact that you posted means you are at least feeling a bit better.

Wishing you a gentle, sunny, and upchuckless (doubt that's in the dictionary) weekend.


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