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Thanks all!!

Tom's Oncologist has confirmed that there is NO SIGN OF CANCER!!! He says the bad news is that your lungs look like crap. The good news is it's NOT CANCER.Yeah baby!!!

The Onc also said that Tom is getting very good at catching pneumonia. We have now added Spiriva and a Pro Air inhaler for the COPD. Hopefully this will help with the breathing and give him a bit more stamina.

This man continues to amaze me. He's like the energizer bunny. He keeps going and going and going.

4 years 3 months and counting. It gives me hope that I will get my 20 year wedding anniversary milestone!!


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Denise, that is such incredible news... I remember so many posts when you were so scared and didn't think he would make it...our hearts were so heavvy.. and now...amazing!

Great news D...

:wink: Maryanne

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