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Hello All,

A few more links for you for information.


This site is especially god for you drug information. It also has good info on many diseases including cancer. (Warning a lot of their articles put smoking as the number one cause of lung cancer, which is ( in my opinion) not nessesarily true of all types of lung cancer.

For a list of clinical trails go here:


For more info go here:


and here


I hope these links help in your journey.



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Thank you so much for all the info. I have used Cancergrace for some questions but at times it seems difficult to navigate around. How are you feeling? I know that you were going to a doctor's visit in April and you were going to "give 'em hell."

Update on my mom's status:

Is beginning her 3rd cycle of chemo next week and so far so good... no side effects except hair loss. Unfortunately, she has mets to her bones and she will have to start radiation. We will find out more when we go to the dr. tomorrow. She also has mets to her brain but I think the Dr.is waiting to do WBR/PCI until after he sees if the chemo is working on the tumor (I hope it is.. I can't imagine it not,) I hope that others are doing well. Sending good thoughts and prayers out to you all.

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I did see him this month, it was the same ole, story, I did not

give him hell, cause I got too mad myself and was afraid of what I might say, so when I see him my next visit (in July) I am gonna stay calm and get the jump on him and talk first, and then he can have his turn.

Randy, that might be good, advice,but I don't know much about if to offer any insight there.



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Thanks , I suggested that but he seems to want to do PCI. He is waiting to start that because she will be seeing another dr. for her radiation in 2 weeks. They said that they may even do radiation to the primary tumor since the bone mets are so close. Not sure how I feel about radiation to the brain. it seems like so much to do to my mom and not sure of side effects. I guess one thing at a time. The Neulasta shot really helped her though because her wbc are 10!

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for cyberknife Link and info on the procedure FYI is all!

I really like this because they explain it in easy to understand terms...

http://www.orlive.com/broward-health/vi ... cyberknife

And I know people who have had it and are still NED free after several years. I think she is on scan number 5 after 3 years so far??

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