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Good morning!

Muriel, I saw your late post yesterday, and I can only say that I understand. I had that exact chemo cocktail, that was followed up with the Neulasta shot, and it was brutal. Our bodies react differently to the medications, so what is a walk in the park for one, is brutal for another. The Neulasta shot just plain did me in. I hope that this gets better for you as time goes on. Sending you a big HUG for now.


For me? I'll go in for more blood work next week and probably another transfusion. I don't know how they keep finding the blood of 23 year old long distance runners, but I am thankful for that! LOL.

There will be follow up scans etc., soon, but haven't been given the run down yet. It's okay.

I have a questions about framed pictures. I know, sounds weird huh? We moved in here ten years ago, and I found all kinds of fun picture frames and filled them with family and friends. Well, now ten years later, I noticed they are still filled with friends and family from ten years ago! LOL. How did that happen?

I was just wondering if any of you have a process that you use to keep stuff like that updated? I don't. Now the frames are all sitting in a big drawer waiting for me to find a day to feel like tackling them and updating them. I was just wondering.

Anyway that is it for me today. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Judy in MI

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I noticed a shelf I have at my cottage with built- in picture frames. I have pics of my grandson at about 9 months old in it. He will be 5 years old this fall and I was wondering if I should update them. But I love the photos. I also have one of those collage frames with pics of my 50th surprise birthday party. I keep up a few pictures from the different stages in my life in like- themed frames. The 50th in a collage frame, grandson, Dylan at 2 years in shell embellished frames at the cottage. Some pictures have been repaced over time, but I have tried to keep a small piece of each stage of my family history out somewhere.

Or you could get one of those new fangled digital frames! I don't hav one, but my oldest daughter does. I have pics of my 2 daughters as youngsters in magnet frames on my fridge. I only keep out the pictures I really love and make me smile. The rest of my pictures are in some albums and the rest in picture boxes that I have meant to sort, but never gotten around do doing. Now with digital pictures they just stay in my computer, camera or on a SD card for my camera.

You don't want to forget everything from 10 years ago. And for me, I need those reminders that is for sure!

I hope you get to feeling better soon! I also had carbo/taxol chemo and it really wiped me out. I did not have Neulasta, but it does not sound like any fun at all. At the time, I thought because the effect was so powerful on my body, that it would be really powerful against the cancer cells. Apparently there is not a correlation, but the thought at the time helped me accept it better.

Eventually you do get your strength back. It is just a gradual healing process. I am lucky my blood work was always good,too and my immune system stayed pretty health, so I did not require transfusion. I am sorry you are struggling, but it sounds like you are in good hands and they are keeping a close eye on you! You always seem to have a positive attitude, although I am sure you have your struggles also. Keep on plowing through it, it gets better.

Have a great day!


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Thanks Ginney for the info. about your friend. It is encouraging to know that she is here to talk about it. One of my uncles claimed that he had cancer 14 times and cured it each time with carrot juice. I'm not that desparate yet.

Judy, thanks for the big hug! I need lots of them.

It's been 12 days since "chemo 1" and I'm thinking about getting dressed today.

It's a cloudy, gloomy day here. We've had a little rain, but not like a couple of days ago.


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Muriel - I had the same chemo combo, and the neulasta -- and I have to agree with JudyMI -- the neulasta was awful. I tried telling the doctor about it, but the only thing she said was "take a Tylenol". I really like her otherwise, but she let me down on that one and I've never felt the same about her since. I think there are a lot of people who don't have much trouble, but as Judy said - everyone reacts differently. I hope you feel better really soon.

About pictures - that is a great question. I agree with Susan in that I do like the older pictures out - but at some point I just have to keep out the ones I really love and update some of the others. I do want to have some current ones. I have one of those digital frames - but I don't know - it holds so many pictures and you can go months without seeing the ones you really like for instance (and of course someone still has to find the time to edit them and load them into the frame). That darned word "time" again -- never enough :( Like most people, I have all my old pictures, then when my mom died I got all of hers (and she had all of her moms), and after 47+ years of marriage, kids and so on -- it takes 2 closets in the house just to store the old photos/slides/8mm/VHS/albums and so on. I plan to do something with it every year, and then open a box to get started and am immediately overwhelmed and put it all away again. I have a friend who simply split hers all up among family members, shipped them off, and got rid of them all - but she's not the sentimental type, and I am - I hang on to way too much.

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