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I guess I get to be the first to post today! With it being summer I know many are busy...as I "should be" myself :mrgreen:

In the house training of our new puppy it seems I need to shampoo the carpets due to all the accidents today. Having a hard time getting myself going though mainly because my back is still not back to normal and I know this is going to hurt.

With all the fresh sweet corn coming out here I spent a few hours canning it yesterday. Nothing like browning it in a skillet with loads of butter. Then some fried chicken? YUMMM

Hope everyone is doing well today and I need to get that carpet cleaner going because it won't clean itself will it?

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Hi Michelle - the corn sounds wonderful. We don't have local corn out yet, but soon (if it ever warms up)!

Isn't house training fun :) But Shelties (I think you said it was a sheltie) are exceptionally smart and easy to train -- so shouldn't be too long and you can put your carpet cleaner away.

It's cool and cloudy here again, but they are calling for some warmer weather next week. I sure hope so - last week we had so much hail it ruined all my flowers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend wherever you are.


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hi guys, sorry I haven't been around, but I have had company all week. My little buddy Shea is 5 and the closest thing I have to a grandchild. He and his mom came for a visit on Tuesday and just left. We explored marshes, went to the beach(the Long Island Sound)., the lake, and the farm. In between, we sang, read stories, played games and bounced about! I am exhausted and am already lying down and may sleep the weekend away! Hope you have all been well!


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