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Monday's air


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I just about gave up on coming here. Most of the time the only ones who have posted are the spamers. I know it is hard sense we lost Judy but I know there are many of us who just want to keep in touch. So please in honor of Judy and Ned and Annette and so many more who used to come here to say hi let's keep the windows open and the fresh air flowing.

I have been pretty busy but finally got caught up a little so I will stop by each day just to check in unless something stops me. I have a new computer now so I am hoping my problems with posting are over. Enjoying our cooker than normal summer so far. Still keeping up with my exercises everyday. Sometimes that is not so easy but I know it is good for me even if the weight won't come off. Problem with exercise is it increases the appitite :lol:

Enjoy your day everyone and please stay safe from the bad weather and fires that is out there.

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It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Michigan. Not so hot, just perfect. My 5 year old grandson came to have a sleepover last night with "Grandma and Papa". I think we fell asleep before he did and when I got up in the night to visit the bathroom I walked over his train set tracks that ran from inside our bedroom out to the living room. By that time he was fast asleep in his bedrom next to ours. We spent the morning eating breakfast, snacks, movies, more train set fun, until my daughter picked him up about noon. We had great fun. Now for some time to relax!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their day. I have to make a trip to the grocery store for milk. That will be my big outing for the day.


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Lily - our weather is cooler too, but we are getting ready to go camping for a couple weeks and I am ready for the real summer weather to start!

Susan - sounds like you had a great time with your grandson. I think 5 is a wonderful age -- but I do know the feeling of needing to rest up afterwards. I've been watching my grandsons more often lately and I've got aching muscles I'd not heard from in years:)

I will try to drop in as often as I can. Have just had so much going on lately. Went to our son's college graduation - which was very exciting - but there must be a better way. We had to be there at 12:30 -- at 3:30 the graduates start entering (that took over an hour for some unknown reason -- but they did have a great group of bagpipers) -- and then graduation finally began at 4:45 --- didn't end until 7:30. Michelle Obama was the speaker so they had "airport security" -- no backpacks with food or large purses etc - only small cameras. Then 34,000 people all hit the streets of this small college town at the same time - all starving to death!!! It was very exciting and as a parent I wouldn't have missed it for the world -- but I still say there must be a better way.

Must admit I'm really looking forward to camping this year - I can hardly waiting to park myself under a nice tree with a book - and no office, cell phone, etc.

Hope it's been a good Monday everywhere.

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