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Anniversary of sorts


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I almost got away with not thinking about yesterday and todays dates. I awoke during the night and it was there.

Ten years ago yesterday I left California to start my life with Johnny in Washington. I had no idea that in just 5 short months from that day our life together would come to an end.

I arrived there 10 years ago today, so I guess that makes this our anniversary sense we never got a chance to get married. Our time together was brief but we had a life time of love in those few short months. A lot of that time was spent in hospital and at treatments but it was the being together that counted. That is what sustained us and the memories of those months are what keep me going now. Our love lasted through over 40 years of seperation and no contact what so ever. I never let myself think about him but deep down I always knew that he was out there somewhere, now I know the same thing. He is out there somewhere and his love keeps me going and has made me a better person. He was not perfect but he was perfect for me. We were so different in many ways but so much alike in the ways that count the most. He was rustic and often time showed the world a gruff exterior but to me he always showed his golden heart. Like a counry song says he was my "Angle with one wing in the fire".

I come here because this is the one place I can share my feelings. I love my family dearly but they could never understand how I could love someone besided Denis so much. So as I go about my busy day today I will carry my Johnny and his love with me.

Happy anniversary Johnny you taught me what it means to be really happy. I love you always and forever.

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