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Since today is my very favorite day of the entire week, I thought I would drop in and chat with friends here at LCSC. I hope everyone is managing to stay cool, wherever you are. I have been talking to some of our friends that spend winters here in Florida and spend the summer months at their homes in the north. It seems that they are all wising they had stayed here, as out temperatures, although sweltering, are still cooler than they are experiencing in their northern homes. I know this happens, but it's just almost unbelievable. I know that a lot of our older Florida homes aren't equipped with heat and that makes it bad every once in a while here, when we have a very cold winter. I also know that many homes in the north don't have air conditioning and it makes it very hard on them when the temperatures are so high. I think we have an easier time of it because when we get cold, we can always cover up with more blankets or put on heavier clothing. It's really hard to cool off when it's hot. I learned that in 2004 when we had back-to-back hurricanes and we without power for weeks. So...for all my northern friends, I am thinking of you and hoping you get some cooler temperatures coming your way.

As always, it seems I have a busy weekend. Volunteer work is great and I love it dearly, but there are times that I crave the chance to do absolutely nothing. I can tell that I'm nearing burn out when I start thinking that I wish I had time to clean and cook...lol. Thank goodness that my husband doesn't mind doing those things!!!

I think that I'm going to try and start postig some fun games here next week. This group used to have so much fun with the games...and the jokes. So...let's all get ready for some fun!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Ann in Florida

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