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Thursday's Air


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Good morning everyone. I'm very happy that today is Thursday, as that puts me one day closer to my favorite day of the week!!!

Lots of playing catch-up here at work today. I hate having a lot of loose ends to catch up but I love it when they're all done and my desk is clear. I'm finally going after work for a long over due hair cut and color. The gal that does my hair had to let a girl go, so her work load has doubled up. She's a long distance runner and she hates working late, as she hits the pavement running. I have to make appointments for either after work or Saturdays and my Saturdays have been crazy. So....I can finally get this done and be good for a few months.

Between rising gas prices and the price of groceries going up, it seems my wallet has been getting drained really fast!!! I picked up just a few things at the store last night and it was over $40.00. I'm amazed that we don't have more starving people than we do in this country.

Hope everyone has a great day and finds time to do something you really love!!!

Oh....I added a new word game today. Please play!!!

Ann in Florida

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Well, I gave in yesterday and ended up going to the beach after all. It was beautiful as always! another perfect day here today. I am truly blessed to live somewhere that the smell of the sea air comes wafting through my bedroom in the morning! The down side of where I live is that all around me are summer rentals. that means people on vacation, clueless about those around them. My neighbors have played their radio at full volume for 3 days now. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning and it was still going!

Today I DID stay put in my garden. I am busily whittling sticks to use as plant markers. (the sensible side of me realizes that when I am gone my husband will have no idea what is a plant and what is a weed if it is not marked).

Tonight we are headed up to a vineyard for a concert/ picnic/ wine tasting. The musicians are two young men we have known since they were born. they play "Americana". if you use Facebook, check them out - The Meadows Brothers

Have an amazing day everyone - going now to play Ann's new word game!

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