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Have a few questions


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I don't know a lot about lung nodules, but you might want to try "ask the experts" - or www.cancergrace.org - where you can ask questions of doctors specializing in lung cancer. What little I know is that it seems you can have lung nodules for years that are not cancerous (my brother-in-law does) and I believe they are watched for changes - or they can be a sign of cancer. Perhaps you could let us know a little more specifically what your concern is.


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Thank you Diane & Randy.

I'm 29 years old. A former smoker of 15 years and lived in a household of smokers. I went to the doctor for a lump in my neck I've had for about 2 years. He ordered a CT scan. It says my lymph nodes on that side are larger than other side but most likely due to virus, infection, etc. During the test they saw a 6mm nodule in left upper lobe. So off for another CT scan. They found 10 nodules. Both lungs have them in different parts. All are 6mm or smaller. Doctor recommended seeing a Pulmonologist and said a scan would likely be done in 4 to 6 months. Does this sound right? I was worried over 1 and now I have 10 to worry over. My cousin passed away from lung cancer at 33 so being young isn't calming my fears. How can they tell if it's normal or cancer? I will be making an appointment this coming week but just wanted some opinions. What should I expect in the coming months? Thank you for your time!

On a side note, I'm so sorry for what you both have been through! Hope the coming years bring health and happiness!

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I would definitely encourage you to check in with the doctors at cancergrace.org - but my brother-in-law is a smoker and he was told basically the same thing you have been told. With my history, I was not very comfortable with it, but then as I said I don't know much about nodules like this. Perhaps they are so small there is no way to biopsy them. I do know people can have nodules that are not cancer - but it is a scarey thing when they want you to just wait and see. The pulmonologist should be able to give you some good information, and one thing people here have learned is NEVER hesitate to get a second opinion, or even a third, if you are unsure. Good doctors do not mind at all.

Please let us know how it goes.

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I'll second dianew's suggestion of seeing a pulmonologist. If it were me, I'd push for a biopsy if it were possible and I wasn't too frail to handle the procedure.

More specifically, if the biopsy is of things that are accessible from within the lungs, then I'd try to get a bronchoscopy biopsy (if the nodes can be reached that way) done a a medical center where they can target the cancer do EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) & camera guidance rather than just fluoroscopy (x-ray) in order to have much better targeting. It made an difference to my diagnosis.

Best hopes,

Craig in PA

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Until you can get your appointments in order, Dr jack West of the Swedish Institute might be able to help with questions !! Follow the above link to get to his site through us... We can help also with the journey and the support as He is pretty darn fast at answering questions, is Free Service, and a lot of us are over there as well!!!

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If I may suggest: I would ask your doctors the following question: What treatments would likely be started on the basis of the biopsy (or other contemplated procedure)? How you handle the answer to that question is up to you.

I'm a refugee from Head and Neck Cancer. In fact, I've had my vocal cords removed. Now I have a half-dozen "spots" in my lungs. When faced with the option of a biopsy, I asked: What treatments will depend on the biopsy's outcome? The answer (in my case) was none. No matter the outcome of the biospy, they would wait 3 months to see if the spots grew. So I opted for not having the biopsy. (I actually saw 3 cancer doctors and two recommended waiting and one recommended the biopsy).

Now the decision to biopsy if highly personal. I cannot suggest what you should do. And your doctors in your case may have treatment options which depend on the results of the biopsy. But I think this is a good question to ask. Will my treatment change as a result of the biopsy? Rick.

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