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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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Good morning!

To add my two cents to yesterday's discussion. I really, really don't like soup. Never have. People always look at me like I am two headed when I say that!

I did manage to get my infusion on Monday, scheduled for 12 but by the time we got the clearance it was 3:30! It seems there is too much protein in my urine, so now I have to do a 24 hour urine test, oh what fun lung cancer is!! I met some really nice people while waiting, so all in all it wasn't a bad day!

Yesterday I tried to Christmas shop, but my energy level is working against me. I only succeeded in getting the Christmas crackers (the paper tubes you pull apart and get a prize, fortune and crown inside), the Christmas cards and a couple of stocking stuffers. I was out and about for about 3 hours and today my body is refusing to move. This is going to be a slow process! I think I need to space the shopping trips at least a couple of days apart! I already told my family I will make it through all the holidays but starting January 2nd I plan on staying in my pajamas on the couch for a month!

Today I am going to lay low, make my kids their advent calendars (yes, they are adults, but they are set on tradition!) and maybe, but probably not, straighten up the house a bit. it is cold and grey again, winter is here.

have a wonderful day everyone - peace

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I'm late getting here today. Had someone come out to clean the carpets. No matter how many times I do it the stains just lift right back up :( If they come up this time I want to pull it all out and put down hardwood or something. This is too much for my poor old back. PLUS I can't train Russ to take his shoes off when coming into the house. The trail of where he walks stands out too!

We have 4 days of deer season starting today. Haven't heard any gun shots yet so don't know how they are doing. We are going to a gathering tonight with the hunters and a pot luck so that should be fun. Last time, the ladies and I all drank shots. Pardon the name of the drink ( called blowjobs). It's a shotglass with Baileys, Vodka and topped with whip cream. The trick it to drink it without using your hands. You stand back and bend over picking up the shot glass with your mouth. Not supposed to spill any! rofl I guess I should put "X-Rated" in the subject line huh? lol

Well, back to putting the house back together. Be back soon :)

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