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I am sure glad it's Friday - as I imagine lots of you working people are.

The first storm finally arrived and it was pouring down rain when I got up yesterday and still pouring when I went to bed. This morning it's cleared a little - but I understand it's coming back. Aside from the possible flooding problems, I actually enjoy the rain itself. Even though we are in Oregon, down here in the southern part fo the state we really don't get a lot of rain (about 18" a year). We get what I call the "gray drizzles" -- that can sometimes last all winter. Coming from the east coast I remember the big thunder storms, and so when it really really rains there is just something knid of nice about it (as long as you can stay inside and not get drenched like I dd yesterday of course). Still, I think Calif will get the worst of it, they usually do.

Janet - am glad you got your chemo - but am sorry about the 24-hr urine test. Been there -- NOT fun. Had to have one once when I was working in a law firm (very ackward) :)

Lily and Michelle -- I think you are right about Calif, but I think it's unfortunately true of lots of bigger cities. I also think people are just so much more stressed out today than they used to be - at least it seems that way. Whenever I hear myself say that it seems like life used to be simpler -- I think "wow, you sound like an old person" -- but I really do think it didn't used to be quite so stressful for people.

Janet, I think it's cool that you are doing the advent calendars. Now that it's just my husband and I we don't have one, but I really kind of miss it -- I used to just buy them though -- I'm really impressed you make your own!

I'm going to get on the treadmill this morning if it kills me - and am still way behind in the office so I better get moving.

Have a great Friday!

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Good afternoon!

Diane, I am with you, I like a good rain storm everyonce in a while. It is a good excuse to snuggle up with some yarn, a book, a hot beverage or to really clean the house! But a whole winter of grey drizzle sounds so depressing. I hate to be cold, so I have a hard time with winter, the only thing that makes it bearable is the beautiful white snow. (We don't get much of that here on the shoreline either)

So - I did get my infusion the other day, but it was not chemo. My doctor stopped my chemo back in October because it was pretty much keeping me in bed through the whole cycle and we couldn't get my blood counts to stay at a healthy level. The chemo did help and everything is stable. Right now I am still on Tarceva and I get an infusion of Avastin every 3 weeks. Scans in January to see if I am still stable and go from there.

I have no children or company this weekend. Today I am finally cleaning up from Thanksgiving. I am putting away the Fall decorations and doing a good cleaning before the Christmas decorations go up. Usually I start the Christmas decorating on December 1 but my daughter asked me to wait until she got back on Monday so that gives me a couple days to get everything cleaned first. We will probably go chop down our tree next weekend. Knowing our usual luck we can count on it being 10 degrees out and sleeting!

Tonight our town has it's annual "Saybrook Stroll". All the shops on Main Street stay open late, Main Street and the shops super decorate, they offer free cocoa, hot cider, cookies, etc, there is caroling and hayrides and Santa. It is a very well attended event and a very nice way to promote shopping in town.

I hope you all have wondrous things planned for your weekend!


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Hello everyone! Got here late today. Last couple days we've had so many things going on. Funny how you'll have several days of just nothing and then suddenly everything hits at once huh?

Worked on pulling the house back together today from the carper cleaning yesterday. Boy....the dirt you can find behind everything is amazing sometimes. No one saw it but me but still makes me feel like a slob!

Deer shot gun season is still on till Sunday so we are going to the pot luck gathering again tonight. I made a big pot of chili to take over. yummmmm

See ya all tomorrow :)

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