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Michelle -- I vote that you get a flu shot. I had THE flu just once (before cancer) and thought I was doing to die. I've had one every year since - as well as an occasional pneumonia shot - and have never had the flu since. I know there are people who can get really sick with a vaccine -- but it is rare and I think the bigger message is the fact that it's very rare to find someone whose ever had the flu who doesn't get a flu shot without fail. They do work - and especially if you have any underlying condition that could put you in the hospital with the flu - and obviously your asthma could do that. OK - enough lecture - but I care about you and want you to stay healthy!

It's gotten colder here and they are calling for snow -- not on the valley floor but in the mountains -- more good news for skiiers.

I got up feeling really lazy this morning and I need to get moving but I've managed to find one excuse after another. I have to pick up a patient at 10, and it's 9 now and I'm still in my bathrobe!

I made my first trip to our new Trader Joe's yesterday. They do have a lot of interesting things. I found these really good 70 calorie chocolate covered ice cream cones - only problem - I ate four of them :( No more of those!!

Have a good Tuesday all --

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Seems like I'm not the only chocolate lover here :) I too would have eaten four of them. Right now I have a big box of chocolate truffles in the kitchen. Every time I walk in there I can here them calling my name......here Michelle....over here :)

Many people have said it's a good idea for the flu shot so I guess I'll get it taken care of this week. Don't really want to, but with my asthma I should.

Weather here last night was in the teens....didn't like it so much this morning when I had to take the dog outside to potty :( He takes "forever" too! Gotta smell every blade of grass there is before he can find the perfect spot. Meantime I'm standing there freezing my butt off!

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