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Wednesday's air


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Hello from Louisiana. It is cold here now for the first time sense I got here a month ago tomorrow. I have enjoyed two days of just being lazy after a busy weekend of shopping with some of the younger ones. By Sunday evening I was a mess, sore back but most of all my poor feet. They felt like every bone in them was crushed. I guess that has to do with the gout even though I am not having an attack.

I have had a flu shot every year for years. When I was working as a caregiver it was mandatory and sense then I have continued. I have not had the flu but once and it was bad. The thing is that year the ones who didn't get the shot were far worse off and many of them died. Last year I had the phneumonia shot too. I get a lot of sinus and sometimes a head cold but so far chest is always clear. Biggest problem is that everything and every medication affects the reflux.

Dianne it sounds so beautiful with the snow all around. I can close my eyes and picture the mountains around Redding and Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen in the distance. They are always so beautiful in the winter. I love Trader Joes. They have things there that you don't find anywhere else. My problem is that I go there for one thing and leave with a cart full! :lol:

Last night my son and I made a big pot of vegetable soup and an apple cobbler. They were both really good and perfect for a cold night. We are the only ones who eat either one so there are plenty of left overs. My granddaughter wants me to go to their house tomorrow night and fry chicken. She has always like my fried chicken best and last year I cooked it for her and her boy friend and now he is hooked too. I think we will do it tomorrow night because my son in law leaves to go off shore and my grandson will spend the night in New Orleans because his office party is after work tomorrow and Lera does not like to be home alone. I will more than likely spend Christmas weekend and Christmas Eve there with them.

Things are a lot different but I guess we will all adjust in time. I have also learned that I will have not one but two more great grandbabies next year. My grandson Trent and his wife are expecting their first the end of July and my granddaughter Erica is expecting her third on August first. I will then have a total of 7 great grandchildren. I will have to really get busy when I get home. I have two more baby blankets to crochet and now I will have to finish the quilt I started for one and make 4 more in the next couple of years. They are coming so fast I can't keep up. :roll:

Well enough for now. Have a great day everyone and I hope that you are feeling better Eric and Michelle.

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