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Holidays and Beauty


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I wrote this a couple of years ago and posted it. I just found it again and decided it would be a good way to pass my Christmas and New Year wishes on to all of you. You have always been there for me and as I post this about beauty I want you to all know that you too are a part of the beauty of life that I see

I have so much to do and should be busy but until I get these thoughts down I can't seem to do anything else.

A few years ago I went down to Bakersfield to visit a cousin I had never met. Sense then we have became very close and I visit her whenever I pass that way going to Louisiana or comming home. Something she said that first time didn't mean much to me then but yesterday I started thinking about it. She laughed when we were out riding around and said " you see beauty in everything". Yesterday that sentence came back to me and I started to examine what it meant because on my morning walk something caught my eye and I remarked to myself how beautiful it was.

I was walking up the hill again for the first time in two months. After being sick and not much exercise in a while I knew it was time to start again. Recently we have had some rain and snow all around us. As I was walking I saw the crystal blue sky and the snow capped mountains all around. That sight alone can take my breath away but something else added to that beautiful feeling. Overhead a pair of Canadian Geese were trying to catch up with the ones that had gone by earlier and they were honking in their loudest voices. As I watched I remarked on how beautiful that scene was. That is when I remembered what Millie had said that time. It started me thinking.

What is beauty? Wow! Beauty is everything and everywhere. It is the clear blue sky after a rain. It is the smell of the new damp earth after the first rain of the season. It is the smell of wood stoves rising in the cold morning air. Beauty is the sun rising over the mountains or up from the sea. It is the sun setting in one final blaze of glory before nightfall.

Beauty is watching the trees and bushes turn to lace when the snow starts to fall. It is the wind whipping the colored leaves up and away in the fall. Beauty is snuggling beneath a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa or the smell of popcorn that fills the air.

Beauty is the fog floating just above the bayou early in the morning. It is watching the spanish moss gently swaying in the breeze. Sitting with a line in the water and feeling that first small tug that tells you that a fish is interested is still another kind of beauty. Watching the Eagle soar high above still another.

The smooth soft skin of a newborn baby and the feel of them grasping your finger is beautiful. The laughter of a child playing can fill your heart with beauty. The hug of a friend be it child or senior can spead a beautiful glow inside of us. Having someone tell you that they appreciate you or that your friendship is important to them are all a part of the wonderous thing we call beauty.

The love in someone's eyes can leave a beautiful memory that lasts long after that person is gone. Even the pain of losing someone you love can eventually turn to a different kind of beauty. The memories of that person becomes so much more precious with time. I have learned that the more people I lose the more precious those memories are and how much beauty they contain. Even the memory of holding someones hand as they leave this world behind as painful as it is at the time will one day turn into a thing of beauty. Just knowing that you were there, that you shared that last breath will someday make a memory of great beauty.

Watching your children and grandchildren grow and start their own families is a little sad but such a sense of pride and so beautiful.

Even the natural disasters we hear of so often as horrific as they are can produce beauty. They teach us just how insignificant we are in size but also how signifcant we are to God. It is at those times that many people find the very best of themselves. There is no greater beauty than sharing the love that comes from God with people who are in such desperate need.

So as this year winds down and the New Year approaches I will add one more reselution to the many I have already made. Yes I will try again to lose some of this weight I have gained. I will try to keep up the walking and exercise and watch what and how much I eat. I will try to be more frugal with my finances in this time of financial crisis that is all around us.

I will relsove to do all of those things and I may come up short again but I will add one more even bigger resolution. I resolve to never stop seeing the beauty that surrounds us all everyday. Beauty of sight, sound and smell. Beauty of touch and emotions. All of these things are God's gift to us. I resolve to remember and in any small way that I can I will try to spread more beauty and remind everyone of just how fortunate we are to live in a world that though greatly flawed at times, is such a beautiful gift from God

.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone. You are all so beautiful!! it .

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Thanks for posting lilystemp. I love that you se beauty in everything. I tend to "have my head in the clouds" as my mother says. I look at the clouds and see brush strokes. I used to tel my mother if God will give me that opportunity to be a creater of a cloud one day. She would pollitely smile and we'd still go on about on way. Now as an adult with small children I find myself asking them to admire the beatiful color the trees are or to watch out for beautiful flowers. My oldest who is six now turns to me as we are harridly rushing in our walk to school, makes me stop to smell our neighbors flowers.

Thanks for spreading the love of true beauty. Good luck with your resolutions. I too have a few similair ones and I think this might be the year to achieve them.

Merry Christmas,


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