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Tuesday's Air


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Hi everyone! Had a really busy morning so I'm late arriving here today. Weather report says snow on Thursday and since I'm afraid of driving in it I went to the grocery store and loaded up just in case :) After dragging everything inside and putting it away I made Tacos.....my favorite food!

Our pup Sampson is still having an issue with constipation so I picked up the "really expensive" food for him today. They are small cans and " Porterhouse Steak " flavored with extra fiber. Hope this helps!

Russ has been helping in son on his septic tank for a couple days. What a job ewwwwww Glad I'm not out there. This city girl stays inside and watches through the window. LOL

Well, I better get off here and clean up the mess I made in the kitchen. Hope everyone has a great day :)

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Michelle - thanks for checking in today. Our weather sounds about like yours. Got up this morning and everything looked beautiful and white -- but by afternoon most of it was gone. Sticking in on the mountain though so they'll get the ski slopes open for Xmas.

I'm still trying not to stress out -- but our middle son and his wife divorced, and now take turns with the kids on Xmas (must be hard on the kids). They are arriving on Friday for "their Xmas" and leaving Sunday evening. Monday of course is Xmas Eve for the rest of the family, and they'll be here Mon-Tues, going home on Wed. So I'm trying to figure out when I'm supposed to get all this late minute shopping/wrapping etc. done -- not to mention the two Christmas dinners. :roll: Guess it'll all work out -- No one is coming for New Years, so I think we'll be ready to just do nothing for a couple days!!

Hope everyone had a good day.

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