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Saturday's air


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Good morning everyone. I had to stop in for a minute and take advantage of Katie's hard work. "Look no spammers!"

Spent the morning with my daughter and will be leaving soon for McKenna's first Birthday party. Hard to believe it has been a year already sense she was born. She is so sweet and precious. Next year when I come their will be 2 more. My family is growing by leaps and bounds!

One week from today at this time I will have just boarded the train for my trip home. This I dread leaving my family but look forward to being home and getting back to my own things and my own routine. It is never easy those feelings of being torn from one place to another but while here it just becomes so clear to me that I am not ready to move back here for so many reasons.

I hope all are well and hope to read a lot in the good news forum when I get home. Take care and bless you all.

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Lily - so nice to hear from you. The babies are so much fun! I know that the decision to move or stay in your home, but farther away from family, can be a hard decision. I have several friends whose families are wanting them to move to be closer - but they are very concerned about doing it. There are a lot of things involved. There's also the matter of change. When my husband and I were young we moved a lot for work reasons - and I really like the change. But I've found that the older I get the less I like major changes -- small ones OK, but not the bigger more stressful ones -- and moving is stressful! I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home. It won't be long after you get back that Redding really starts to bloom --- it is always so pretty with all the snow on othe mountains and all the color everywhere else. We used to come to Redding every year for Cool April Nights - and it was just gorgeous!

Our storm has finally passed - and now we are supposed to get a few days with some sun (still cold however - but the skiiers are going to love it). I will be happy very happy to see the sun even if just for a few days :)

My husband is someone who has to be doing something all the time - so today he decided to replace the light switches with newer ones and add some dimmers. Hopfully things are going okay. I haven't heard any screams yet - although my computer has just shut down without notice twice now. He is pretty handy - but I really wish he'd leave electrical to the pros. Over the years we've had a few close calls. Hopefully today won't be another. :shock:

I am going to the threater tonight to see a show called "Neil Berg's 101 Years of Broadway" -- while I've seen it before, it is always good so am really looking forward to getting out and having a nice evening.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend.

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